Effects of List Segmentation on Email Marketing Stats

Segmentation on Email Marketing Stats

List segmentation is important for any marketer hoping to make the most of what email marketing has to offer. It is also worth noting the results will vary depending on how well these lists have been segmented. By segmenting your mailing lists, you will be able to improve your marketing campaigns by leaps and bounds. After a thorough analysis of a segmented campaign against a non-segmented one, you will come to see the difference in terms of statistics and overall success. If you wish to learn more, read on.

Email List Segmentation

Overall Results

After measuring across several segmented campaigns, you will come to realize that a segmented strategy will in fact improve overall performance. By narrowing your focus to a specific target audience, people will find your campaign relevant and informative. It goes without saying relevant campaigns deliver better results, which is what all marketers aim for.

Why Segmentation is Important?

Since your email mailing database comprises of several contacts at different stages of interaction with your business, they will require different types of information. Rather than focusing on a general email, you have to consider the different stages of the sales cycle to meet their requirements. Additionally, segmented mailing lists allow you to engage with your target audience naturally, which is important for success in the future. You will be able to craft compelling emails which truly speak to these individuals and reap the benefits of a good reputation.

According to statistics, segmented mailing lists outperform untargeted and general emails. Marketers noted a 39% increase in open rates with a decrease in unsubscribe rates and lower spam complaints. Keeping these factors in mind, you will see the segmented lists perform exceptionally well and deliver an increase in revenue in the long run.


Email marketing campaigns using segmented lists will enjoy better click rates with a lower bounce rate for each campaign you execute. However, there are instances where people unsubscribe from relevant campaigns. This can be largely due to the fact they were sent duplicate emails or the content was not detailed enough. This makes it important for marketers to ensure they focus on what the subscriber needs and provide sufficient information.

Moreover, you will have to focus on trends rather than depend on segmentation alone. Even though the strategy is effective at getting your message across to your target audience, you will still need to focus on several other core elements which affect your overall marketing success.

Considering the importance of list segmentation and its effects on marketing stats, it is necessary for you to use it and make the best of your target audience. If you are having difficulties segmenting your lists, it is a better idea to buy email lists from professional businesses, like FrescoData, to benefit from a wider reach than before.

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