What Email List Fatigue Can Do To Your Business

Email List Fatigue

The worst thing that can happen to an email marketer is they get hold of a dead list. In today’s world of mobile customers, an email marketing list needs to be fresh, relevant, and accurate enough to increase engagement levels and turn prospects into buyers. Email list fatigue when left untreated, can damage your online reputation, opportunities, and leave a negative impact on your overall business.

According to the 2015 Data Quality Benchmark report, 97% of companies feel the need to transform their data into valuable insights. The top three factors include:

  • 53% – To understand client needs
  • 51% – To discover new clients
  • 49% – To increase the value of each client

Marketers are enthused by the opportunities that relevant mailing lists represent. Today’s consumers are more informed and have more choices than ever. Data has become a crucial driver when it comes to customer acquisition, retention, identifying cross-sell opportunities, and improving customer experiences. A relevant email marketing list can help you accomplish these goals. (Read: Key To Successful Email Marketing)

Despite the fact that marketers understand the need for a high-quality email list, 92% of companies have inaccurate insights drawn from customer and prospect data. The level of off inaccurate customer insights is rising. The study noted that 35% of US businesses believe that 32% of their data is inaccurate. This is up from 25% from 2014.

Ninety-seven percent of businesses suffer from common email marketing mistakes associated with email list fatigue. The three most basic email marketing mistakes are inadequate or missing data, outdated lists, and inaccurate lists. This occurs when the list contains dead, abandoned or non-existent email address.

Email List Fatigue1 1

How is email list fatigue affecting business? The findings show that 83% of businesses believe income is influenced by the inaccurate and incomplete customer or prospect data in terms of lost productivity, wasted resources, and communications spend. (Read: Buying Email Lists To Increase Subscribers)

Businesses are starting to realize that using an email marketing list from a reputable email provider is the only solution to the data quality issue. Data quality management doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task as long as you have a reputable data-driven solutions provider.

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What Email List Fatigue Can Do To Your Business
What Email List Fatigue Can Do To Your Business


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