Email Marketing Campaigns and the US Presidential Election

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The upcoming US presidential election teaches us a lot about deliverability and email marketing campaigns. You might be wondering how? Well, we are about to discuss that.

As the time is evolving, the US presidential election is becoming highly fascinating than ever before. Let’s have a look at how email marketing campaigns are similar to the presidential elections. The US presidential elections are similar to email marketing campaigns. The potential voter lists of the American citizen resemble the USA business email list for targeted clients and customers. The USA mailing list and the B2B marketing in USA are all the same.

Email Marketing Campaigns Tips

Similar to how B2B marketing in USA and USA mailing list catch the eye of potential customers and get incredible results, the US presidential elections work in the same manner.

Landscape of Campaign

In an email ecosystem, corporate domains and ISPs manage the flow of incoming mail. So in a very similar fashion, each state is free to determine its own criteria of elections and primaries’ dates, which results in possible separate outcomes for every campaign and jurisdiction.

Perspectives of Party

The two parties, for instance, Republicans and Democrats tend to have philosophies. These are sure to differ highly, but the result of their ideas and manifestos take a while to implement. This is because the Congress members, similar to receivers and ISPs who draft policies, keep changing frequently. If more of our leaders embrace the trend of working across the aisle, then we may witness better results.

The Candidates

Candidates are one of the most important aspects of an election. They differ in deliverables, ideas, perspectives, quantity, reputations, and quality. Great candidates are like great content. A call to action in a concise way is present in them, which eventually evokes passion for concerns and encourages the voter to donate to the campaign. Now this is done in a similar manner how great content encourages the recipient to click through the email and purchase during an email marketing campaign.

The Voters

Voters are the most important factor for a good election. In a similar way, recipients too are the significant factor in a good email campaign.

Email Marketing Strategies by Leaders

The email program used by Trump is relatively low. His email program accounts for less than 1M subscribers and 74 email campaigns conducted in March. But the engagement rate is very high. The read rates are 28%.

Ted Cruz has an extensive email program. His program accounts for 4M subscribers and 248 email campaigns conducted in March. His engagement rate is very low. The read rates are 10% only.

Hilary Clinton has the largest audience for her email program. She emails them with higher frequency. Surely, her read rates are 12% only, but deliverability for her emails are more than 90%.

Bernie Sanders drives a great engagement. His read rates are 15%, but similar to Hillary, his deliverability rates are very high.

A great campaign, no matter political or email; goes through a few ups and down. This is the best instance that describes that US Presidential Elections and Email Marketing Campaigns are all the same i.e. two peas in a pod.

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