Email Marketing: 4 Phases of a thriving sales Email

Email Marketing

Marketeers always attract customers for selling by promoting their services and products through emails. But, nowadays, sales email must be relevant, targeted and break through the noise and hurdles of inboxes. For sending your emails successfully, I have segmented four phases including spam, data, relevancy, content and results. For getting your emails deliver in an efficient manner, you must overcome the below mentioned phases.

Email Marketing

A. Mails Received

Once you have sent emails, it’s very important that your mails get delivered to right recipient each and every time. Most probably, there might be a possibility of an email not being received due to spam filters or bad/harmful email address. If you have improper data, your emails won’t get received properly to the right recipient.

Therefore, at first, you must have an accurate, valid and verified data and should also make use of right applications to deliver your right data to the right person every time. This will assure you, whether your emails have been successfully delivered to your recipients’ mailbox or not.

B. Email Spam

Once you are done with an email blast from your server, did you know the emails sent by you, have actually hit recipients’ spam folder or mailbox? For this, you must have an email spam check tool which checks if the mails sent, actually looks like spam or not. Every time the email spam check tool will get popped up whenever, it’ll get a spammed mail. So, the best thing is to go online and surf for good email spam checker tool that can identify the email spam. Once, the email spam checker tool identifies email spam, get it scored as spammed mail. This email spam system will identify the spammed emails and will also help you to fix queries related to it.

You can also uncover and identify spammed emails by simply reading them. Email marketing experts and email marketing quality data experts find it easy to identify spammed mails. You can also be a expert by simply exercising the ability to identify spammed emails.

C. Get Enticed and Viewed

Before your emails are delivered in the recipients’ mailbox, let’s focus on another vital aspect of email, drafting good content in the mail body. Segment your email list contacts before delivering it with well-drafted content based on audiences‘ interests. Before sending emails to your relevant recipients, you must tailor your email list contacts by segmenting them demographically.

You want your emails to get opened and clicked by them, or else it might be the case where your mail content will get worthless. So, I advise you to make use of catchy subject and headlines that evoke with an essence of curiosity, relevancy, and values. You can do this by sending mails as if you are sending to a person by addressing their name in salutation of mail body rather as a company person. With this, it’ll surely get your email viewed gaining more audiences’ response.

D. Performance Metrics-Impact/Outcome

An impactful email is one that creates and grabs a prospective client. An impact of the mail sent can be measured using metrics. Believe in numbers rather than leaving it to gut feeling. For an email deliverability success, measure your impact using a standard metric. These numbers trump actions, such as click-through rate, open rate, deliverability rate, conversion rate. As a result, you can also compare your historical data using those numbers.

You have plotted a good email marketing strategy, but it can only succeed if you have earned a customer. Don’t overlook the hurdles that you confront while sending emails. You can overcome the issue by tailoring your marketing needs and segment them accordingly for those who want to be heard from you frequently. Or, you can take help from email marketing experts that can resolve your issues making your email marketing services better. Don’t let your audiences feel that you’re only interested in promoting and exploring your brand name. Make it worthy for audience too, as your successful sale email won’t work if they lose interest in you.

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