Why Do Email Newsletters Fail?

2015 was the year of email marketing. The slew of reputable email marketing companies and email service providers made it even easier than ever to blast an email newsletter. A lot of businesses profited from these resources and began building email campaign strategies.

However, these tools cannot just make you take care of your existing and potential customers. While, most soared with incredible success, a lot of newsletter didn’t perform as expected. Below are a few reasons why email newsletters fail along with a few suggestions in DO’s and DON’Ts:
Reasons for Email Newsletters Failure

Reasons for Email Newsletters Failure


Most email newsletters sent by companies and bloggers simply start with sending recent posts to new subscribers.

A new subscriber is going to lack context. Why has he subscribed to you? How has your business evolved? How did your business succeed? What should your readers know about your business? A few answers like this will help you go a long way, earning loyal readers.

You could start by sending the first email, i.e. a welcome email, to new subscribers. While these emails wouldn’t contain most trafficked-content, it sure will act as a conversion email. Next, send a series of emails over the next few weeks, explaining how they can benefit from your business.

Offer unique content in these email newsletters in the form of industry news, tips, and insights. Your objective is to send the most unique information to pique reader’s curiosity. After this campaign ends, you can resume by sending your normal weekly/fortnightly/monthly newsletter.


The main reason why a lot of email newsletters go unread or discarded is because they don’t contain what your readers need. People subscribe to your email newsletters for valuable information. If you deliver insightful email newsletters, you are ought to build robust relationship at a scale where they gravitate towards trusting in your brand.

Often, marketers use email newsletters as a means of brand promotion, and while this isn’t a bad idea, they tend to forget what their readers have subscribed in first place.


An email newsletter publishing schedule can work wonders for your business. This starts by automating the initial email newsletter that is sent to new subscribers. If you promise to send an email on a weekly basis, you better keep your content ready in advance and schedule these newsletters using an email marketing company.

A schedule can help you build a subscriber base of habitual readers who simply love hearing from you. Once you make a promise to your readers, keep it.

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