Holiday Email Marketing Examples, Tips and Tricks

The holiday season is an exciting, and stressful, time for marketers. It is one of the busiest times of the year when most sales occur for eCommerce businesses. Spending increases dramatically online, leading to huge opportunities for marketers. Create really good emails this season with holiday email marketing examples that will help increase conversions and generate more sales for your company.
Holiday Email Marketing Examples

Why Emails are Great for Holiday Marketing

Marketers should focus on emails for their holiday marketing because it is a lucrative marketing channel. Studies have shown that around 2.5 billion people around the world have emails. These same studies show that email consistently has the highest return on investment (ROI) for marketers.
The reason for this is email marketing is more targeted and specific than other channels. There is also a higher chance your audience will see your campaigns through email than other platforms like social media. In email marketing, you do not have to fight against an algorithm. In theory, if you send out an email your audience will receive it directly. This leads to more success and higher ROIs over sending campaigns through ads or social media.
These trends make email a popular holiday marketing platform. Using our industry knowledge, in the following sections we will go through specific email campaign types your company can send out this holiday season. These campaigns will help you generate sales and lead to more conversions. Score big this holiday with expert advice from FrescoData.

Make Your Holiday Email Marketing Stand Out

Time and thought need to go into each campaign to make it stand out from the rest in your recipient’s inbox. You must ensure that your content is spectacular and speaks to the needs of your audience. It must be personalized, specific and fit the different buyer segments you have created for the season. Your campaign offers should also be prominently featured in your subject line. This will entice customers to open the rest of the email and see your holiday offers.
Once recipients click through to your campaigns, use a combination of these holiday email examples and personalization to create custom email campaigns that fit your business’ needs.

Holiday Gift Guides

This day and age, there is a lot of choices available to consumers. For example, let’s say you are a consumer that wants to buy face cream for your mom this holiday season. There are thousands of brands and even more products available to choose from.
Make things easy on your customers. Create helpful guides with relevant pieces of information included that will inspire your customers to shop for their friends, family, co-workers and even themselves. These emails have the bonus of being informational in nature and help showcase your brand as an expert in its field. This helps showcase your brand authority and pushes the focus away from the sale you trying to make.
holiday email marketing 1

Early Holiday Sales

eCommerce giant Shopify projects that there will be $123.4 billion dollars in holiday sales this season in the United States. A lot of these sales happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For marketers, this means they must send out really good emails that get their recipients to buy during these two major shopping days. A lot of marketers are sending campaigns early, excite customers into shopping even before the holiday starts. This gives them an edge over other companies who send out campaigns later. Visibility is key to getting customers to buy your products in this competitive season.
holiday email marketing 2

Send last minute deals

Everyone knows that person, the one who procrastinates on their holiday shopping until the last minute. Make sure to cater some of your email campaigns to this audience segment. Target last-minute shoppers in the week leading up to major holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. You can focus on driving in-store traffic (if you have this option for your company), selling e-gift cards, and highlighting the final days to receive online orders before a holiday.
Make sure your last-minute deal emails are easy for recipients to use. Unlike a holiday gift guide, these emails should be straight and to the point. Highlight what you want to sell, showcase the deal they are getting and make it easy for recipients to purchase. Have a clear call to action buttons and format the emails in a way that drives users to click through to your deal.
holiday email marketing example 3


The holiday season is an opportunity to ramp up your email marketing. It is a cost-effective way to increase sales during this lucrative time of the year. We hope our holiday email marketing ideas will help you succeed and increase ROI for your company.
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