How to Write a Compelling Email Subject Line

Compelling Email Subject Line
Your knowledge as an email recipient can help to make better decisions about email subject line.

There are many components to a successful email marketing campaign. You buy email lists that are tailored to your target customers. For a hospitality business, that might be a global expat marketing contact list. If you are promoting an industry intensive training program, you may buy email lists by job role. Once you have strategically chosen your list of appropriate email addresses, you create the perfect message. In spite of these definitive choices, your subject line could prevent your email from reaching its target.

Email Subject Line Tips

Most of us have gradually learned to surmise the contents of an email according to its subject line. Our interpretation within those first few seconds determines whether we open or delete. We are overwhelmingly more likely to open those that promise exorbitant savings. Subject lines which address us by name are also more likely to be opened. Other subject lines that are unusually captivating are those that contain “Re:”, or convey a sense of urgency.

Only a select number of emails that reach a mailbox are likely to be opened. The subject line is what separates the random ones from those of interest. You already know what it’s like to check your own email. Think about what the recipients will see when they receive yours.

From the Business Perspective

Your knowledge as an email recipient can help you make better decisions about creating a subject line. When you buy an email list, you already have a preliminary idea of what the recipients at those addresses want. Try to create a subject line that is comprehensive in its appeal to them.

In a sense, the subject line is like the packaging of a product in a retail store. It has to stand out from other packages. A decorative package personalized with their name makes people want to open it! It is likely to be more enticing than a package in a plain wrapper. Your subject line should do the same.

Words You Should Never Put in Your Subject Line

You, fw., and quick are words that have regularly proven to lower the open rate. Subject lines with too many words are also opened less frequently. Now that a large number of people open their email on their mobile devices, keeping subject lines to a minimum is a necessity. Most phones only display between four and seven words. Subject lines with fewer than 30 total characters are more likely to be opened than longer ones.

A solid subject line should accurately represent the spectrum of your target customer. It should also fairly represent the content in the email. An email sent to addresses on a senior management mailing list should mention the product or service in the subject line to pique their interest. Your ultimate goal is to have each recipient feel compelled to open the email and remain interested once they do.

An effective subject line offers value to the target customer. To buy an email list that is tailored to your email marketing campaign, contact FrescoData or call 1-888-902-5106.

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