Marketing Strategies With A Consolidated Mailing List

In the business world, quality always has a greater effect than quantity. But what if you could merge the two at the click of a button? What if you were granted access to the information of the upper echelon in the business, with no bar on the number? What if you had a list of marketing executive email addresses at your disposal? FrescoData does exactly this for you. We provide you with intelligent data in the form of lists and email addresses of consumers and other business professionals. Our contact database comprises of over 70 Million business executives and 800 Million consumers, and it is growing every single day. We analyze your requirements, and help you plan the right Marketing Strategies to develop your content and advertisement to the right inboxes. Not only is it highly organized, it is also extremely efficient. The time it would take to research on the internet for this very information can be saved and redirected into doubling efforts to reach the masses.

Why put such emphasis on email marketing, you ask? By 2016, the estimated number of email addresses in use will be 4.3 billion. 82% of this consumer base has been found to be highly responsive to email marketing. The average return on email marketing investment has been found to be $44.25 for every $1 spent. This benefit spans multiple industries, from hospitality and healthcare to energy and technology.

Marketing Strategies With A Consolidated Mailing List

FrescoData caters to your needs specifically and is tailored to the kind of industry you’re targeting. This is particularly useful for marketers who have a wide range of products and services to offer, and who cater to a diverse clientele. Just imagine the time saved looking for possible consumer industries, followed by the possibly interested parties, compounded by the time spent looking for the contact details of executives from these companies.

We strive towards providing most effective, up-to-date and comprehensive lists. We also try to give our clients the luxury of choice; we will present you with a number of different databases, and you have a choice to select the one that works best for you. We offer a variety of executive email lists that all come from our impeccable sources.

The entire process of Email Marketing occurs within the confines of FrescoData, and confidentiality of client’s marketing creative and goals is ensured. Being the leading provider of commercial data, FrescoData also offers a variety of marketing and branding services. You can even make an informed decision with the help of our analysts, who will prepare a strategy that is most suited for your email marketing goals.

We are also extremely adept at apprising you of your competition; FrescoData uses the information from its database to create a dossier on the biggest players within any particular sector. We will then use this compilation of information to brief you on what your business goals ought to be, and how we can help you achieve them. Our dedicated team of specialists is here to listen to the aspirations and ambitions of your company.

Any small foothold gained could eventually lead to you gaining the upper hand in your chosen industry. As we all learn in Business 101, the first step of successful Email marketing is universal visibility. In the digital age, this is also the easiest to achieve. You can instantly have your brochure and prospectus inserted into the mailboxes of thousands of professionals around the world.

Give us a chance and FrescoData will ensure not only visibility, but also assure you of efficiency, efficacy, and acceleration of results.

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