Inspiring Coca-Cola Digital Marketing Campaigns
Being a marketer, you may have noted several successful digital marketing campaigns over the years. Since Coca-Cola has achieved notable success with its digital media marketing strategies, why not use their work as inspiration? Let’s consider the top marketing digital initiatives by Coca-Cola:

Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas


The Ahh Effect

Being one of the most recent initiatives, the campaign involves a set of online games designed for teenagers. The basic concept was to create a platform of games that is fun and primarily cater to mobile users. The games are fairly basic and a handful of those involve the company’s products. It is also worth noting it is Coca-Cola’s first all-digital campaign and will be an on-going initiative for years to come.

The Friendship Experiment

The campaign was initiated in China and where people were sent out invitations to take part in a new experiment. The campaign came to be known as ‘the friendship experiment’ with photographer Kurt Tang. The ‘experiment’ took place in the city of Guangzhou as Tang asked strangers to participate in a moment of connection and bonding in front of his lens.

Share a Coke

The campaign is one of the most noteworthy digital campaigns initiated by Coca-Cola. The idea is quite simple but the response was overwhelming. Individuals were given the chance to order personalized Coke bottles through a Facebook application. Moreover, the labeling on all Coke products was changed to add different names. Being a global campaign, it has been running for more than two years. Sales increased by 7% with over eighteen million media impressions achieved so far. Furthermore, the traffic on Coke’s Facebook page increased by a staggering 870% and the likes grew by 39%.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can see digital marketing services play an important role in promoting a business and creating loyal customers. Even though you may be facing stiff competition in the market segment you are targeting, these tools can assist you to get the traction you want. However, you have to keep in mind that such a feat can only be accomplished if you are creative. If you are still having difficulties coming up with a marketing strategy, you can always ask for help from professional businesses like FrescoData.

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