Integrating Geolocation Data for Personalized Email Marketing Campaign

To get a strong hold on target audience, marketers need to apply a more granular approach to their email marketing campaigns. This means, they must first know their target audience and definitely not in a convenience, firmographics, behavior, interests and needs sense. Did you know that by simply knowing your target audience’s email analytics i.e. geolocation, device and engagement information you could not only improve on your campaigns but actually promote your business and services in a much better, efficient and personalized manner?

Geolocation Data for Personalized Email Marketing Campaign
Here is a little more about Geolocation Data and how it can help you create a more personalized email marketing campaign.

Geolocation Data

The latest addition to the email analytics dataset is – geolocation data. This basically includes counts – the number of times your email was opened in each country, state, city, region that you had initially targeted. Additionally it also includes information such as ‘via which medium your email was opened’ – desktop, webmail and mobile.

By getting to know your target audiences geolocation data, you can greatly improve on your future email campaigns. Suppose, a majority of your targeted audience is in Europe, you can optimize your send time accordingly and probably send it at a time that may work best for you and your target audience. Leveraging on the emerging technology, will thus enable a more sophisticated and optimized email marketing campaigns in a more practical and effective manner.

For example, you’re in the Umbrella rental business globally. Now in the month of January you could rent Umbrellas to beachgoers, so that means targeting customers who’re living in Australia, where it’s summer! By doing so, you would not only save your time and resources spent behind an email campaign but also build much better relationships with your customers. You don’t want to send an email campaign to US where your customers might probably be 2 inches down in snow.

Another example: suppose your business is opening its first brick and mortar store somewhere in Berkeley. Sending out invitations to people living 3000 miles away from Berkeley would be completely irrelevant.

Basically, it enables promoting the right products/services, in front of the right clients at the right time!

Geolocation data promises a wealth of benefits. Integrating it into your email campaign will enable a more relevant, personalized content for your email campaigns with increasing customer engagement. It promises increased conversions and sales. Geolocation is becoming a bigger and more influential part of how business are trying to reach out to potential customers.

Learn how FrescoData’s Email Marketing List can be used for creating more personalized marketing campaigns.

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