In a world of Ads, is email marketing still the king?

There has been a lot of buzz around online ads in the last couple of years, and even though this new-ish marketing tool has proven to produce results, it has yet to be perfected.

Due to a higher number of ads being promoted, viewability levels are dropping drastically which means that most ads (about 50%+) are not being seen by your audience.

Media rating standards say that an ad is considered viewable when 50% of it is in view for at least one second. This number is shocking considering how many of our marketing resources are focused on that one second of fame.

Just in the UK, almost one billion dollars is wasted in ads that will never be seen. Let that sink in for a minute. Online advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry with huge returns but also high risk that all your hard work won’t ever meet your target’s eye. And this stat is only for the UK. This numbers grows bigger when we look at what’s going on in the US and other global markets.

There are several reasons why your ads are not being seen. Phone screens, while bigger than ever, are still relatively small. This requires more scrolling in order to see the ads on the screen, which results in ads being missed. Also, the mobile aspect of our phones causes unstable network connection speeds which delays loading of ads.

There is potential in online ads but we have yet to figure out how to maximize that investment. In the meantime, there is a constantly dependable tool for us marketers: email marketing. With an incredible ROI of over 4,000%, email marketing has proven to be one of the most reliable forms of advertising directly to your audience, while maximizing the space and content.

Here are 8 reason why email marketing still dominates:

  1. Emails can be personalized

When you sent an email to a person, you’re directly talking to that person. You can customize your email more by categorizing your recipients appropriately.

  1. Emails have a longer “shelf life”

Once the email has been sent, it sits in the inbox of the recipient, and doesn’t go anywhere. This means your recipients can always come back to you in the future.

  1. Almost all online users have emails

You can reach more potential customers through email because everyone needs and accesses an email wherever they are, and whatever they do. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have at least one email address.

  1. Emails have lesser chances of being “lost”

According to reports, only 22% of emails gets lost, classified as spam or blocked, while on Facebook, the percentage of your ads that is “lost” (not being viewed) is more than 70%. This alone can crush online ads any day.

  1. Emails are virtually limitless to what you can advertise.

In an email, you can include all the promo you want in your for free. Your advertising is not limited to a small space.

  1. Emails provide a more stable ROI

With emails you can predict your Return of Investment (ROI) because its marketing technique is more stable.

  1. Email sales can be tracked more readily

Your sales can be tracked easily. Through email responses, you’ll have evidence of who’s dropped out from your list, who’s responsive and who’s inactive.

  1. Sending emails out is FREE!!

This one doesn’t need an explanation. Right?

New tools and forms of advertising that produce results are always popping up and the more avenues we have to reach out to our audience, the better the outcome. There is always trial and error when implementing a new technique, but while perfecting your knowledge, make sure you are also relying on what’s been tested and performs well time and time again. And this is why email marketing is still the king.

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