Is Your Call to Action Getting the Right Response?

Call To Action Tips for Email Marketing

Every step of creating your email marketing campaign plays an important role in achieving your primary goal. You want to turn leads into customers. Your email campaign begins when you buy an email list specific to your targeted customer. From there, you meticulously craft a message that is certain to appeal to the reader. The call to action is the essential element that could determine whether or not the reader acts. The most detailed and creative message will not result in conversions if you don’t encourage the reader to take the next step.

Call to Action Tips

  • Go for the Value

All customers appreciate the rare opportunity to get a good value. Don’t make the mistake of believing a small discount is enough to impress them. You also need to describe what sets your product apart from that of the competition. A legitimate value is a better product at a lower cost. Even if you are offering a free trial, you have to sell your product. The consumer is more likely to act on a bona fide value that a cheap deal.

  • Make It Stand Out

The most successful CTAs are those that appear at the bottom of the email. A basic call to action should have the words your recipients are interested in (value, low cost, savings…). Make it more appealing by using a different color and font than the rest of the text.

  • Use Multiple CTAs

There are numerous ways to present a call of action in your emails. You can also place them in different locations within the message. Include a combination of text and graphic calls to action throughout the email. For every CTA you use, there will be a number of additional clicks that you wouldn’t have gotten if that specific CTA had been left out.

  • After the Sign Up

Too often, email recipients sign up for the “great value” you offer only to lose contact with your company. This isn’t because you sent the email to the wrong person. If you took the steps to buy email lists by job role and the demographics of your ideal customer, you probably hit your target. More likely, they just got busy and forgot about the product like so many others before.

Don’t make the common mistake of letting customers forget about you after they take the beginning step of signing up. The next step is up to you. Your customer has sent you their email address. They have shown an interest in what you have to sell. Don’t let them forget that it is still a good buy today.

Long after the lead has turned into a customer, you must continue to convince them that your product is a great value. Your primary goal is to get as many people on your target email list to act with a successful call to action. Continue to support your customers by sending nurturing, onboarding, or educational emails that will keep the process going. To buy an email list to appeal to your target customers, contact FrescoData at or call 1-888-902-5106.

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