Jumpstart Your Email Marketing for 2015

Jumpstart Your Email Marketing
Jumpstart Your Email Marketing

It’s the time of the year when marketers sit down and start making email lists or buy one. It’s not just about getting the right kind of lists, in fact marketers tend to focus on simple tips and tricks that can jumpstart their marketing programs and connect to the audience in a more authentic and powerful manner. This means, strategizing email marketing campaigns in a manner that they attract higher ROI, click-through rates, client engagement and an improved brand experience.

Marketing Goals

Stay ahead of the game. Fill your marketing calendar with important campaigns that can enhance your brand image in the market. Holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or Fourth of July are in fact the best times of the year when you can create multiple email campaigns all packed in one big marketing event.

Your email marketing strategy should describe the desired outcomes and ways to achieve it. The ultimate goal of doing email marketing efforts is to improve your results and make way for bigger revenues in the coming months.

Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns are selling like hot cakes in past few months. In fact, according to a study by the Lenskold Group, 78 percent of marketers say that automation helps improve revenue.
Pick the kind of campaign that works best for your product, target demographic, service and automate it. Remember, embracing automation means choosing high impact, with much lower time investment and an increase in subscriber activity.


By segmenting your email database into smaller demographics, you will be able to send more targeted messages. Instead of sending a uniform chunk, add value by sending segmented newsletter.
Segmentation will also help design newsletter that will appeal to different segmented group.

You can create a few email messages and themes, send it to smaller groups of your target audience and see which group responds best to which email format.

According to a research, marketers are putting metrics and analytics, list quality and relevant content on top of their priority list.

List Quality

Sourcing the right kind of list is going to take up a lot of efforts. But the truth is that the quality of your list is going to help you improve on your open, click and conversion rates.

Data quality of email lists has sometimes been an issue for marketers. One can buy email lists depending on marketing needs from a trusted provider like FrescoData. Being a member of Direct Marketing Association (DMA) members FrescoData holds a reputation of a fast-moving yet responsible company working with a plethora of industries housing the highest number of datasets in list industry.

Learn how FrescoData’s Global Consumer & Business Email Lists can be used for your marketing campaigns.

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