How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

How to Make the Most of Email Marketing
How to Make the Most of Email Marketing

Social media is a great tool. Tweets, Instagram images and the likes are all the way of the future. But that doesn’t mean that one should put email marketing in the back burner. As a matter of fact, email marketing still chews it out. It is one of the easiest ways to connect with someone and also, the most professional way to manage ones business correspondence that requires quick and timely administering.

The problem is that, most people today are still unaware of the tricks of the trade when it comes to email marketing. Below is a list of 6 ways to make the most of email marketing in 2015 for higher ROI and customer loyalty.

Say Hello to Newsletters!

Irrespective of the size and age of your business, there is no better way for your audience to stay up-to-date with the happenings of your business than through email newsletters. Newsletter will fetch more traffic to your website and give a glimpse of upcoming events that your business will be conducting. It will help maintain a relationship where you as well as your recipients are mutually benefitted. Newsletters also help increase the likelihood of support you will be receiving from loyal fans of your brand.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the key to successful onboarding. The process is initiated once you have subscribers who opt-in to receive news, exciting offers and discounts from your business. In order to encourage your subscribers to continue visiting your website to find out exciting offers and news, you will need to include welcome emails as a part of automated programs.

Welcome emails are generally personalized. It is strongly recommended that one must send such emails, in fact all business emails for a marketing campaign from a legitimate email address that will accept and reply to queries. This will help your subscribers see value in your product, service and business.
Be specific in what you are sending to your subscribers.

Let them know, they’ve made a good decision by opting-in. You can do this by telling them how often they’ll hear from you and what to expect in newsletters.

Linking Relevant Business Information

No-reply email addresses are bad for your business. Similarly, not adding any business information, reply-to addresses, or linking to applicable websites is going to downplay for your brand. In fact, it will send out a very humiliating message: We simply don’t want to hear from you.

Engaging Content

Add content to your newsletters that resonates the interest of your subscribers. The content can offer a specific discount or promotion or can be information-based.

Test your email newsletter to make sure you aren’t sending out copies that contain grammatical errors and mistakes that might make your business look unprofessional.

The length of your content is also important. If your email newsletter content is too long, your email is going to end up in your subscribers SPAM folder. In other cases, even if it makes it to the inbox, your subscribers will be overwhelmed by the length and close it without reading it.

The overall idea here is that the email content must add value to your email newsletter and towards the brand.

Use a Unique Business Signature

Your business signature will appear at the bottom of every email newsletter that is sent out to your subscribers. A lot of businesses today tend to make their business signature a little too cute or flashy that gives an entirely different impression of the business.

The business signature represents your business and its image.

Business signature in the email newsletter must contain your business name, phone number, website URL, and a legitimate email address. You can also link your social media profiles, deal of the week with a specific Call-to-Action, a customer testimonial and a link to your next event or webinar.

Your email signature needs to be treated like an afterthought. Make sure it is updated properly, since people might be looking for deals of the week or relevant contact information for business queries or passing it on as a reference to someone else.

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