Marketing Campaigns: Why do they fail?

Getting an email campaign off the ground is a time consuming but extremely important task. Several weeks go into strategizing, creating relevant and original content and figuring out timing and other details. But what happens when you miss the mark and things don’t work out? This is a reality that every marketing department will have to deal with at some point but the best way to avoid mishaps it to identify the things that went wrong so we don’t make the same mistakes twice:

Keep reading for a list of the most common mistakes:

You Didn’t Target the Right Audience

Before you can sell your products and services, you need to know your audience. Who would benefit from your offer? Knowing who to target is essential to the success of your campaign so make sure you spend some time researching and finding your niche. Personalized and relevant offers are your best tool and in order to achieve your end goal you need to know your market.

You Didn’t Do Your Homework

Once you figure out your market, you need to research it. Learn about the end user of your products and services and find out how they conduct their business decisions for executive contacts and what the purchase journey looks like for consumers. These details are usually overlooked but they paint the big picture which is what will ultimately help you personalize your campaign by providing all needed information at the right time.

You Didn’t Use The Right Metrics To Track Success

There are several way to read if a marketing campaign was successful, like increased brand awareness, more sales, positive feedback from costumers, and a higher conversion rate. Always look at the big picture when deciding whether your campaign was a success or a failure. Think about the success metrics that matter to you before launching and set up realistic and measurable goals.

Your Content Wasn’t Relevant To Your Audience

You put this perfect message together and it fell flat. It happens to the best of us. It doesn’t matter how great and original your idea is if it’s not relevant and useful to your prospects. Marketing is not about what you want to say but about what your audience wants to hear. When you are strategizing make sure to always keep your audience and their needs present.

Your Message Was Perfect But Timing Was Off

Just like with life in general, timing is everything. Even if you managed to put an original message together that perfectly fits your target, it becomes irrelevant if timing is off. When is the right time? That depends on your audience and where they are in relation to your offer. Getting timing right takes research and knowing where in their journey your audience is. Make sure your message is deliver at the right time for better conversion rates.

You Expected Automatic Results

It’s always upsetting when you don’t see the results you wanted from a marketing campaign. Reviewing and setting your goals is key to knowing what to expect. Always make sure to give your campaign enough time to succeed before declaring it a failure. Have a realistic timeline in mind before your campaign goes live and don’t be impatient. Every campaign is different and some take longer to produce results so always keep your metrics and your timelines present.

There are many roads to failed marketing campaigns and you will navigate some of them at times. Just make sure to keep your eyes open and to learn from past experiences to avoid repeating the same mistakes. As long as you stay focused on your audience and what they want, you are on the path to success.

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