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Are you searching for the best targeted email marketing services to attract your desired customers? You’re in the right place. 

Email marketing is an excellent strategy not just reserved for top businesses or global brands. Any business, regardless of the scale, should use email marketing to expand its customer base and increase its revenue. 

Therefore, choosing the best email marketing service is essential to your strategy’s success. If you choose one that doesn’t align with your overall marketing goals, you will not get your desired results. When you send targeted emails to prospective customers, you generate high-quality leads and have higher conversion rates rather than sending random emails. 

This article will show you the best targeted email marketing services and how to choose the best one for your business. 

Ready? Let’s delve in. 

What is Targeted Email Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why email marketing is such an effective tool? It’s one of the few marketing strategies that allow easier personalization, segmentation, and targeting of prospective customers. 

Email marketing results in demand generation and lead generation. When sending targeted emails, you’re sending relevant messages to spark people’s curiosity and identifying people actively seeking that offer. 

Targeted email marketing utilizes data and digital tools to send relevant messages to a specific audience through segmentation and personalization. Why is this super important? 

People sent and received over 306.4 billion emails daily in 2020, so 89% of marketers mainly use email to generate leads. There is no limit to how much your customer base can expand when you use the right email marketing tools, strategies, and software. 

When you do an email list segmentation, you can streamline your audience and send relevant messages to meet urgent needs. If you don’t implement segmentation, you will not know what email metrics to look at or even create the perfect marketing strategy to grow your business in the first place. 

Secondly, email marketing thrives on personalization. Over 82% of marketers have increased their email open rates through personalization, and brands that send personalized emails to subscribers have 27% higher clickthrough rates than brands that don’t. 

Personalization can achieve all these feats because it helps emails to stand out amongst the lot. Customers are more likely to open a message that starts with their name than one that doesn’t, even though they both carry the same message. 

Now that you know what targeted email marketing is, what are the best targeted email marketing services?

Best Targeted Email Marketing Services to Use

Here are top targeted email marketing services, tools, and software you should significantly consider

1. FrescoData

There is no doubt that FrescoData is one of the best targeted email marketing services you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s a full-service data-driven omnichannel marketing service that helps clients explore new markets, attract new prospects, expand their customer base, and enhance revenue generation. 

Unlike other email marketing services that help you to attract new customers, FrescoData already has an extensive list of prospect information so that you can target customers based on country, job roles, industry, and specialties. They offer targeted email marketing solutions to clients so they can access millions of potential customers in record time. 

If you’re running a targeted email marketing campaign yourself, you might be worried about data compliance and international regulations that may prevent you from targeting people in certain countries. Working with FrescoData takes all those doubts.  

The email marketing service ensures that email blasts are sent to the right people who have agreed to receive emails from them and other authorized third parties. 

2. SendinBlue

This is an all-encompassing marketing software for businesses. It’s an automated email marketing platform that helps you segment users based on your criteria. You can also choose the best time to send emails for enhanced deliverability when you segment your email list. 

This email marketing platform also sends automated drip campaigns, transactional emails, and follow-up messages to clients, making reaching more people and monitoring the right metrics easier. 

The beauty of SendinBlue is that the platform is super easy to use. You don’t have to be an expert to create compelling emails with their simple drag-and-drop editor. 

SendinBlue has four plans: Free, Starter, Business, and Enterprise. In the Free Plan, you can send up to 300 emails daily, use the drag-and-drop editor, send transactional emails, and access customizable email templates. 

The Starter Plus package starts at $25 monthly, but this package is fantastic because there is no daily sending limit. You can allow up to 20,000 emails monthly, get premium email support from the team, and get basic email reports. 

If you want increased marketing automation, advanced email statistics, send-time optimization, and A/B testing, sign up for the Business Plan, which starts at $65 per month. 

3. Omnisend

Do you want to attract new buyers and expand your customer base for your e-commerce business? Then you shouldn’t sleep on Omnisend. It’s undeniably, one of the best email marketing services for e-commerce businesses. 

Omnisend is popular among eCommerce brands because it offers a lot of freebies compared to its competitors. You’d be shocked at how much you can get from their free plan, like unlimited segmentation features, A/B testing, performance and sales reports, inbuilt automation workflows, and signup forms. 

However, in this plan, you can only have 250 contacts and send 500 emails monthly. You’ll need to upgrade to their paid plans as your contact list grows. 

Omnisend is excellent for e-commerce businesses because it has great email automation workflows to generate more revenue, from sending a welcome and cross-sells emails to transactional and cart abandonment emails. You can easily set up targeted email campaigns to solve the needs of a specific audience.  

4. AWeber

Aweber was founded in 1988, making it one of the oldest email marketing services in the world. They offer email marketing tools for both small and medium-scale businesses. 

Aweber is widely used because it seamlessly integrates into popular website builders like WordPress. You can access simple email templates, email tracking reports, autoresponders, email list management, and A/B testing. 

One great thing about AWeber is that they take customer support very seriously. It’s one of the few email marketing solutions with a great tutorial and how-to catalog. 

You can learn everything you need to know about effectively using AWeber for email marketing without breaking the bank. This service has support options such as 24/7 live chat, live webinars, email, and phone support. 

Aweber has Free, Lite, Plus, and Unlimited Plans. The free plan comes with one email list, basic templates and email support, one landing page, and a contact list of up to 500 subscribers. You have to upgrade to paid plans if you want advanced features. 

5. Drip

This email marketing service isn’t the e-commerce revenue engine for nothing. While it looks like it only caters to e-commerce businesses, this platform is great for marketers, bloggers, and online creators. 

It easily integrates famous website builders like WooCommerce and WordPress, seamlessly allowing you to add opt-in and pop-up forms to your website to generate high-quality leads. 


Drip stands tall amongst its competitors because it has excellent automation tools, contact list groups, A/B testing features, fantastic drag-and-drop builders to aid automation workflows, and targeted email segmentation. All these features help you to target the best prospects for your business. 

This email marketing software also provides excellent customer support, regardless of the payment plan anyone chooses. They offer 24/7 chat support, free guides, webinars, courses, and automation workshops. People love using Drip because it allows them to send personalized bulk emails to people, which improves open and clickthrough rates.  

Drip may be costlier compared to other targeted email marketing services, but you will certainly get value for your money. 

6. ConvertKit

Why is ConvertKit known as the creator’s marketing platform? Marketers, authors, ghostwriters, professional bloggers, and other digital creators widely use it.

One of ConvertKit’s unique features is its paid newsletter, which lets digital creators monetize their knowledge and skills. You can even monetize your subscriptions and your digital products at the same time. This is why we call it the best email marketing software for creators. 

ConvertKit stands out. It’s excellent at email segmentation because it provides incentives with signup forms. 

You can easily segment your list to filter budding interests, those who only signed up for email lists, and those that have previously purchased your products or used your services. It is also super easy to manage autoresponders with ConvertKit because it caters to different mailing lists. 

This email marketing tool provides advanced features such as a landing page builder, a/b testing, customized email templates, automated workflows, etc. 

ConvertKit has three plans: Free, Creator, and Creator Pro. The pricing of each paid plan depends on the number of email subscribers you have. 

For instance, if you have 300 subscribers, you’d pay $9 per month on the Creator plan and $25 on the Creator Pro plan. But if you have 8000 subscribers, you’d pay $83 per month for the Creator plan and $116 per month for the Creator Pro plan. 

The free plan only allows up to 1000 subscribers. It covers unlimited landing pages, forms and broadcasts, community support, audience segmentation and tagging, and sales of digital products. You have to switch to paid plans if you want advanced features. 

Choose the Best Targeted Email Marketing Service Today

What makes FrescoData stand out amongst its competitors? We do the work for you so that you can focus on other essential aspects of your business. 

FrescoData helps our clients build effective email lists that lead to higher conversion rates through online and offline marketing. We have over 3 billion data records from over 175 countries, spanning jobs, industries, and specialties so that you won’t encounter any problem exploring a new market for your business. Contact FrescoData today. Let us send targeted emails that will give you the desired results.

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