Different Stages of a Successful Sales Email

As you already know that there are no unsung warriors in marketing. In order to get popularized any product should have a planned promotion. Marketeers use many different methods for product promotion, but still fail to reach their targeted audience. We want to help just those marketers by suggesting one of the techniques that we know would be beneficial to them and that is email marketing. But email marketing is much more than sending emails and hope for good results. Most of the marketeers fall flat as they don’t know the basics to write a sales email. Before compiling a sales email the marketeers should keep the below questions in mind.

Successful Sales Email

A. Have you targeted the correct audience?

Imagine if you have a business of selling engineering instruments, but most of the emails that you send are received by housewives, who have no interest in your email whatsoever. This is a waste of your resources and time as even though you are sending number of sales email each day, you are not attaining the desired output.

The best practice here is to know your audience and prepare a contact database that you think is the best to send your email. For these you can take help of the many email lists, providing companies that can provide you accurate lists based on your industry. Once you know your targeted audience, the chances of converting them into customers will increase tremendously.

B. Will the Sales Mail be a member of Inbox or Spam Folder?

These are the most crucial question while sending a sales email. Often we see that most of the promotional emails directly go to our spam folder. The reason behind this is that the email senders are desperate to promote their products and services and they fail to study the guidelines that come under the CAN-SPAM Act. The key is to write an email with words that does not trigger spam and also to maintain a link to text ratio.

C. How to know whether the Email is Spam or not?

Most of the corporates send emails thinking that they have drafted an appropriate email and that the email is definitely not a spam. But only a belief will not bring the desired output. A salesperson should be smart enough to have some base or written proof with them and just not go with what they believe. There are many tools available online that check whether your email would be a spam or not. Just by testing your email in these tools, you can know what are the spam trigger words or links you have used in your email. Once known, you can easily make changes to your sales mail and can be sure that your email will be received in the inbox and not in spam.

D. Will your sent sales email catch the attention of desired readers?

Sometimes even though you have done all the things right and also your sales email is not a spam, still you will notice that you are not gaining enough results from the email sent. The main reason behind this is that even though your sales email is targeted to the correct audience, it fails to create an impression on the readers.

The best way to overcome this, is to make your friends or co-workers read the email first. You can get their valuable output and they can suggest some good changes that will make your sales email more user friendly. By this way, your sales email can easily engage your readers and increase the possibilities of contacting you. Also, you need to mention in your sales email about why your product or service is unique or beneficial as compared to the competitors.

The above questions will not only help businesses to gain from email marketing but will also be useful to them in surviving the changing conditions in the market. Email marketing is a giant fish that only few can catch and reap benefits, it is for you to decide whether you are one of them or not.

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