The Ideal Email Marketing Follow-up Sequence

Email marketing is all about clients’ expectations, and it’s upon you to set them. If your CTA is solid, and your follow up is regular, then you can depend on a successful email campaign. Although, if you promise to send one email for every week and rather send them every single day, then you’re setting yourself up for a huge disappointment. In reality, if somebody is expecting daily updates and you don’t deliver, then they are likely to be pretty much as annoyed in that case too.

This is the reason the first follow-up email is so significant to the success of your email marketing efforts. All ESPs give you the option to make an autoresponder sequence, and it is essential to you use it. The first follow-up email should be sent immediately as a way to introduce your brand. It’s ideal to be detailed and lengthier than it is to be short and unremarkable welcome marketing follow up sequence


If you’re going to get in the habit for pitching frequently, try to place yourself in the reader’s shoes. Ask as to whether your email is consistent with your clients’ expectations.

For example, Amazon recommends items in based on your buying habits. Often, you’ll see that Amazon offers value to make you consider buying the product. You can do the same by offering link to a white paper on your website, or giving tips on how to use your products.

Every business has different needs, and there aren’t any guidelines in respect to how regularly you can make a sales pitch or provide content, so use that email database with a little caution.


A bad newsletter is the one you don’t recall ever opening or reading. This mostly happens because businesses fail to maintain a regular email routine. While, the most remarkable ones are those which do a good job of mixing up both, updates and the messaging.

The email might be perfectly balanced, with the right blend of product updates and images. If you have a sales pitch for a unique offer or announcement, you can use a more friendly voice in your emails.


An autoresponder can save you from a lot of embarrassment. All you need to do is schedule the message that is to be delivered on a regular basis. This practice will benefit you when you need to announce a new product or sale. If you’ve been building a relationship over several months, you’re less likely to annoy your customers.

Remember, it’s imperative to schedule your autoresponder sequence on certain days, and not every day or more than one per day.

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