Email marketing is the most frequently used digital marketing strategy applied by the airline industry. According to a research led by Ryan and Jones in 2009, by using emails for marketing strategy, companies can easily segment the target lists, which will allow them to focus on targeted campaigns for customers, where the ratio for customer response is high. The company can conveniently plan its email offerings and coordinate it with the purchase history of the customer.

Email Marketing Campaign for Airlines

Email Marketing Campaign for Airlines

American Airlines, for instance, used triggered email marketing strategy, Abandoned Cart Program. It kept reminding customers to buy the ticket if they have added the booked ticket in the cart. In such reminder emails, American Airlines offered lower flight rates and best flight offers as compared to the option resting in the cart. According to a report by Skift, if a potential buyer abandons the cart for over 24 hours, American Airlines would immediately send a follow-up email marketing campaign with an intention to push the customers to buy the tickets. This wasn’t the end for American Airlines, as they kept on sending various emails with appealing pictures of destinations, which potential buyers researched; in order to further sway buyers.

The results due to the use of triggered email marketing strategy have been phenomenal. American Airlines have email opening rate, which is higher as 300% for their campaign related to abandoned cart. Furthermore, the click through rate due to this campaign has been as higher as 200%, and conversation rates have been on the roof with 400% more rates than any previous campaigns.

The Abandoned Cart Program not only delivered mind-blowing research, but it also helped companies in learning big data analysis, which enhances the relevance of email programs.

Similarly, the winter email marketing campaigns generate the maximum click through rate by sending emails embedded with suggestions for spending holidays in warmer destinations.

Loyalty mailings, when compared to non-loyalty mailings, have higher customer engagement rates with lift in rates of unique clicks by 72%.

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