Three Easy Tips to Gear Up For New Year’s Email Marketing Campaign

Even if you don’t have anything to promote this holiday season, don’t miss the chance to connect with your audience. As we are now heading into the New Year, it means that there’s going be to plenty of opportunities for you to foster deep customer relationships for the coming year. If you are running out of creative juices, you can still send an email to your audience, thanking them for their support throughout the year and share some great news for the year ahead!

Tips for New Years email Marketing Campaign

An outstanding New Year’s promotion will take as much as a little forethought and planning. You can easily fire up your brand’s launch for 2015 with three tips to help you get started.

  1. Once the ball drops, your customers will go back to their post holiday routines. This is an excellent time to blast your New Year’s email marketing campaign. In fact, make it a win-back campaign to connect with customers who had purchased or considered purchasing in the past from you but haven’t in a long while. Give them a strong reason to not turn their backs to your products and services and convert them into loyal fans in the next twelve months.

Sadly, a lot of your customers are going to make New Year’s resolution such as – no more eating outside, no more shopping until Spring, spend more time with family etc. As a business owner, it is your job to understand their needs and interest and promote your products or services to serve their needs.

Your sales team can reach out to those who have previously considered using your products or services and remind them of improvements and upgrades that can help influence their buying decision.

  1. Unfortunately, once the holidays are over, a lot of people go an unsubscribe spree thinking those emails aren’t going to provide any value, which sometimes is true. Often those decisions are based on the plentitude of emails during the holidays that fill up their inboxes.

Did you know that online retailers send an average of 200 promotional emails during the holiday season, thus increasing the inboxes of their subscribers? Now you know why they unsubscribe!

What can you do to stay in the good books of your audience? You can provide value. Offer them exclusive content, post NY deals and promotions, and cater to their interests and custom needs.

  1. The best way to ensure optimum delivery rates and customer engagement is by segmented, validating and enhancing ones list. In fact, it’s a good practice to clean email list every once in a while.

We strongly recommend seeking help from a good email provider who can also offer you those services. You can segment your list in various groups – one with maximum customer engagement, moderate and then zero.

Using these 3 simple tips for your New Year’s Email Marketing Campaign, you can head off to a bright and brilliant new start.

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