We all know how stressful it can be for businesses during the holidays. Pair it with increasing competition and savviness of online customers and it turns into a nightmare for marketers looking to devise an email marketing strategy to increase revenue from holiday sales. Businesses need to follow some key guidelines in order to ensure the success of their email marketing campaigns.

Top Holiday Email marketing Tips
Top Holiday Email marketing Tips Every Marketer Must Know

Below are top holiday email marketing tips:


Testing is a great way to measure the success of one’s holiday email marketing campaign. Create two or more different email campaigns and send them out to smaller segmented groups of recipients. Now on the basis of the open, click-through rates, customer engagement and conversions, you can pick the one that performed the best during the campaign and use it on larger demographics.


One good way to ensure email marketing success is to segment the email list according to the objectives of the campaign. For example, if you consider sending Christmas-centric emails to customers who reside in Asian countries, you’re not going to get much success. If you’re having troubles segmenting or understanding the outlines of an ideal customer that will suit your frame of products or services you can seek consultation from email providers.

Email providers not only help you find out who your ideal customer group is, but also provide your email lists with proper demographic selects so that it becomes even easier for your to segmented.


Marketers are often tempted to use festive images in their holiday email marketing campaign; however, most often they forget the risk of emails filled with images being blocked as spam. Emails should have at least an image or two to balance it out with the text in the body.


If you’re planning to buy email list from a good data company, make sure you find data-solution providers who are qualified enough to understand your needs and help you with it. A lot of email providers will guarantee your unique data that will ensure instant success. It is your job to find out more on email list guarantees, legalities, opt-in methodology and sources, duplication prevention, and adherence to global marketing standards. Lastly, purchase Consumer & Business Email and Direct Mail Marketing Lists from Direct Marketing Association (DMA) members only.

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