Five Email Marketing Felonies You Can Correct Right Now

Email Marketing Mistakes You Can Correct Right Now

Email marketing is a highly effective tool in lead nurturing, engaging with prospects, and promoting your business. But, it’s only effective, if it is implemented properly. Most of you might be aware about misdemeanor of email marketing, but it might be unknown to rest of them. We’ll be discussing the top five email marketing felonies and how marketeers can improve their email campaigns.

1) Promoting your services every time

Don’t draft email content for only promoting your products and brands. Ensure that you’re not sending emails to subscribers just for sake of selling your services. Instead, a great acronym to be kept in mind is WIFM – What’s in there for me?

If your subscribers have opted for your services, then they must receive a content that is worthy and valuable. If you keep on promoting your services every time, then subscribers might lose interest or can unsubscribe you.

So from next time, when you send an email to subscribers, make sure you have something new and valuable to offer them that they are willing to hear from you in future.

2) Earning attention of your subscribers

The most significant factor while sending an email is; you need to earn the attention of your recipients. Just by delivering an email to recipients won’t work every time, instead one should come up with good strategies and implement them in the email marketing.

For example; if you’re sending an email to recipients, and they fail to notice your mail – piled over hunch of other emails – then your purpose of promoting services will not be served well. Ultimately, your email sent will not be noticed and recipients won’t even spare a fraction of second to open and read it once.

Marketeers don’t want their mails to get deleted or spammed by recipients. To avoid such circumstance, your email content should be useful, interesting, along with a catchy subject line. This tactic will help you earn the attention of your recipients by staying at the top of their mind. One should lead as an industry expert, rather than a salesperson.

3) Sending emails as an unknown sender

Send email to those individuals, who have subscribed for your services by providing their email address. If you wish to buy an email list from a vendor, and start sending mails to those listed subscribers, who don’t have any idea about your services, or who you are, then try to be familiar with them by memorizing, when they have met you and how they have subscribed for your services.

If you deliver emails as an unknown sender, then it will be marked as junk, and deleted by recipients. As a result, this will gradually decline your email deliverability rate, as email providers like, Yahoo and Google can quickly flag all emails sent by you.

It’d be better if you personally contact those individuals that are in your mailing list. Send emails to subscribers by describing about your brand(s), and services, so that, they don’t acknowledge you as an unknown sender, when they receive your mail.

4) Delivering emails to subscribers at once

Sending mails to every recipient at once, but, if you really want them to think that email was written just for them and not has potentially blasted to thousands of individuals. You should personalize email content, before implementing it in your next email blast.

Sending personalized email includes addressing your contact by their names, rather mentioning dear valued client approach. A good marketing expert or CRM will let you personalize your marketing emails in this way. Additionally, ensure that your form field in your email has your name instead of mentioning brand’s name.

5) Using Spammy words

You might have noticed in your mailbox where you get an email from unknown source that is tempting you to buy their products by highlighting the catchy lines such as, buy our product, services available at cheaper rate, or use of exclamation sign to emphasis their products.

Well, using such spammy terms won’t help you interact with your subscribers. Instead of promoting your brand, educate recipients in a friendly way, how your product will be beneficial to them. You can etch graphic videos along with your mail content. This tactic helps them understand your products. Give them an option to unsubscribe you, where they no longer wish to receive your services.

Keep one thing in mind; you must not cheat recipients by promoting your products all time. Instead, analyze their problems and present your product accordingly based on their needs. There is no point in promoting those services, where your customers are not benefited by your offered goods.

Now that you are aware about these common email marketing mistakes, you must practice your email marketing in ethical way by educating people, knowing their problems and presenting your products according to their needs and creeds.

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