10 Ways To Drive Better Results From Your Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Tips That Will Drive Results

Email Marketing is still predominant communication medium to drive your marketing campaigns further. It is an exceptionally powerful marketing medium. Your marketing campaigns will drive out better results, only if you execute email marketing in a correct way.

Let’s have a glance on ten major aspects of email marketing that will guide marketeers to get the most out of their email campaigns:

  1. Start Targeting Leads by Creating Multiple Mailing Lists

One of the beneficial aspects about an email is that marketers can easily target on various segments by creating multiple mailing lists. Your mailing lists can be comprised of contact information of prospects, customers, and individuals who have shown interest in a specific area of services, etc. Thus, by segmenting your mailing lists, you can deliver a different message to every group based on their interest criteria that matches their requirements.

  1. Make Use of an Email Marketing Service

The task of sending bulk emails from your own becomes a bit difficult for you. Moreover, email marketing services with good IP reputation, and high quality standards drive better results in delivery rates. The advantage of email services is their tracking capabilities.

The process incorporates who opened your mails, and when, who clicked on what, which link was most popular among them. This is the major aspect, which you cannot build on your own. Instead, you must approach to an email marketing service provider that helps you drive better results for marketing campaigns.

  1. Append Opt-In Links on Your Web Page

The only email marketing that is worth doing is permission-based email marketing, where a subscriber opts in to receive email from you. Usually, subscribing is done through a web link, so append a web link in a prominent location of your web page.  

If you have an FB page, you can also append a subscription link, in case your subscriber is interested in a specific service. You can append this link in a signature line, while sending an email to customers, and can tweet it on occasionally.

  1. Make It Easy For Recipients to Unsubscribe

You should give an option to unsubscribe your services; this might sound like counterintuitive one. But, the fact is that the more often you include the unsubscribe link, the less likely subscribers are to opt-out.

Then, what’s still missing in your spam folder? An appropriate approach to opt out – show your subscribers that you don’t mind; whether they are no longer interested to subscribe your services or not. Moreover, a huge mailing list of unsubcribers is not as valuable as the smaller one you have, one that is filled with hot leads’ information.

  1. Mention Your Real Name In the ‘From’ Line

When you send an email blast, more than 60 per cent of your recipients are going to make the call on whether to open it or not – depending on who the sender is. This means that the ‘from’ name and the ‘email address’ have clearly indicated who you are.

The better way to do this, you should mention your real identity before sending mails to recipients. A real name gets higher open rates than other pattern for sending mails, even if recipients have no idea who the sender is.

  1. Draft A Smart and Creative Subject Line

To draft an ideal subject line is a very challenging task, but not impossible. When you draft an email, make sure the subject line is not more than 40 chars or less – including space.

One should try to draft a smart subject line that briefs out the purpose of your mail sent. In case, your subject line is very long, then you’ll observe a decline in open rates and click-through rates. Your subject line should include your brand’s name, even if it has been mentioned in from line, along with call-to-action link.

The secret behind achieving better results from marketing campaigns is that one should draft smart and creative subject line before sending emails to recipients. The one mail that gets opened is the most popular every time, and is the one that accurately states what’s in the email.

  1. Give an Option to Forward Email Content

Make the task of sharing your email easy by giving an option to recipients to share with their friends, and other mates. Place share and/or forward link button(s) in your mails’ multiple locations. Be friendly as if you are talking with your friend, instead of communicating as a company person.

  1. Make It Easy for Recipients to Share Content on Social Media Platform

Some marketers allow recipients to share their email through social media. They can notice an increase up to 40 per cent to 60 per cent in their reach with this capacity.

Also, the average return on investments is incredibly high, so you can imagine that you’ll be able to gain better results from your marketing campaigns, once you increase this reach up to this amount.

  1. Deliver Emails to Recipients at a Particular Time

Your marketing activity will be more effective, when you deliver emails to recipients at a particular time intervals. This means you have to schedule your email blasts based on the outcomes you have received, while conducting it. So, select an appropriate time to send out your bulk emails to recipients, and reap more benefits from your vested time.

Segment your mailing list according to predefined factors such as job roles, regions, and industry sectors. This helps you to send an email to recipients that belong to a particular group of interest area and market segment.

Divide your list into two groups, send an email blast to each group at a different time, and observe the metrics to determine which email gets opened the most in which group. Email services track this for you, so it is easy.

  1. Gauge the Performance of Your Metrics

By appending an inter-link in your blogs or articles, it helps you count how many number of visitors have clicked and read your blog the most.

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