Using Segmentation in Email Marketing for Pinpoint Targeting

Email Database Segmentation
Email Marketing for Pinpoint targeting

We’ve talked before about the importance of segmentation in email marketing. In order to truly amplify the effectiveness of your email marketing for pinpoint targeting, you need to segment your audience. How you segment your email list is going to define how effective your relationship with your subscribers is going to be.
In this post, you’ll learn how email database segmentation can power up your marketing efforts using pinpoint targeting.

Leads & Subscriber Activity

Batch and Blast refers to non-segmented sends. When you simply send the same email to every person on a unified list, you are more likely to get flagged, trigger junk-spam filters, and receive hard bounces and abuse complaint than the calculated average.

Email database segmentation is absolutely necessary. You don’t send out robotic LinkedIn connection requests to strangers on the internet. Similarly, you don’t blast out the same email to everyone on your mailing list.

However, since you cater to the different types of customer groups with different wants and needs, you need to segment. Segmentation can improve email communication by leaps and bounds. You can slice and dice your email lists into the following sub-lists: inactive customers, loyal customers, new subscribers.

Let’s start with Loyal Customers. Treat them like gold, cater to their needs by sending them personalized offers based on their interests and tastes. Reward them for their loyalty by offering exclusive sneak previews and discounts. Your ultimate goal is to keep their interest up so they continue to spend their money on products or services you have to offer.

New Subscribers: There are going to be people on your email database, who’ve signed up for your newsletter within the last email cycle. Now, since you don’t have enough data to know what they are really looking for, you’ll need to target them with exclusive new-subscribers special offers to foster their interest. When you blast the first email, you need to make it obvious that you’re offering them special discounts because they’re new subscribers. Track their response in the next couple of emails, and soon you’ll have enough data to move them to a more suitable sub-list.

Unengaged Subscribers: One should never let go of inactive customers without making a targeted effort to bring them back. You could send a survey to unengaged customers asking for insight on why they have wandered away from your brand. The survey results could help you improve on your revenue generation efforts. Or, you could send a promotional email titled “We Miss You!” to attempt to connect with them.
If some of these unengaged subscribers haven’t opened any of your emails in a long time, it’s time you drop them. Although, we advise you to do it only after you send them an email asking for re-confirmation on their subscription to which they don’t re-confirm.

Product or Service Updates

There are going to be people on your email list database who want product or service updates. There are also going to be those who simply want to know get updates on  a newer version of your product or service. Your job is to segment them into groups and keep them engaged by sending out regular emails. You can tie-up with a good Expert in email marketing for your company, use clean email lists and send personalized content.

You can also get granular by segmenting over quantifiable characteristics such as – age, location (using subscriber IP addresses), gender, job title, interest, purchase cycle, sales cycle, satisfaction index, shopping cart abandonment, and buyer’s person using psychographics. You will hit a sweet spot using personalization to your email marketing.

In addition, you can also create segments based on the levels of seniority, salary level, years of experience, etc. This is a segment that needs marketing approach on a bespoke basis. Here’s why: when it comes to the C-Suite and decision makers, bringing value to the email communication is of utmost importance in order to create an effective marketing campaign and close the deal.

We advise you to review your email campaign strategy and see if you can use segmentation to create more effective email campaigns that procure higher click-through rates and generate more revenue.

If you are involved in selling to the senior audience, read FrescoData’s guide to how to use a CEO Email list and get desired results on your marketing activities.


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