Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still So Popular

Why Direct Mail Marketing Popular

Despite the attention currently paid to digital marketing, offline methods such as direct mail marketing remains a key tool in the marketing plans of many brand-savvy businesses. Direct mailing gives marketers the opportunity to promote their product and service in a relatively cost-effective and economical manner. According to a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, the response rate for each direct mail sent to an existing customer is 3.4% compared to 0.12% for email. If it sounds surprising, it isn’t.

Reasons of Direct Mail Marketing

Below are four core reasons why direct mail marketing still remains so popular amongst marketeers.


Direct mail allows companies on a midget budget to send out highly targeted direct mails to lists that are most likely to want or need the product and service offers. Here’s why: It helps businesses to do homework on basic demographics such as age, income, gender, interests, etc., before rolling out the mailing. Since, direct mail marketing is targeted to a specific audience, an email marketing company can set realistic goals and review sales results, measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and make modifications to each campaign.


In today’s world, there’s nothing more important than to stand out and get noticed. An email marketing company can achieve higher ROI giving a customized touch to make a personal connection. Here, personalization isn’t just limited to inserting customer’s name in an envelope. It rather means making a personalized offer that they are most likely to respond to the deal you propose and help you achieve fast sales.


What is something emails can’t be? Be tangible. Be lumpy.

Email marketing companies boost their marketing efforts by sending gifts out to their customers. When a customer is thinking about making a specific purchase, their direct mail will be the first thing they remember. Marketeers can make it versatile, by choosing from a variety of formats including, magazines, catalogs, brochures, postcards, and free-trial product or service. It can also incorporate channels such as emails, TV, radio, search engine marketing, etc.

Moreover, a memorable direct mail campaign works as word-of-mouth and gives marketers better sales success. Here’s how: customers who find a direct mail fascinating enough are more likely to share with their family, friends, and colleagues. This in turn helps marketeers generate new leads for their business.


Direct mail marketing does not involve complicated analytics. It provides marketers the opportunity to improve and hone their effectiveness and see measurable results. One can track the success of a campaign by counting the number of inquiries made or coupons redeemed from a campaign. This way, marketers can follow up with lapsed customers via telemarketing to make sure that passive means of communication doesn’t block the response rate.

The direct mail list is the first step towards an effective direct mail campaign. To buy a mailing list that is tailored to your direct mail campaign, contact FrescoData at frescodata.com or call 1-888-902-5106.

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