The Best Time to Deploy Email Marketing Campaigns

Deploy Email Marketing CampaignsMost of the marketeers have a pertinent question that, what is the best time or day to send an email campaign to customers? Every marketer is dealing with the same issue to optimize their email marketing performance, because it can make a significant impact on their marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaigns

FrescoData provides profitable and effective marketing solution, as well as tracks email marketing trends, and drafts the best practices for marketing campaigns, providing a good insight to their clients that helps them in determining the best day and right time to send email campaigns.

This is not a situation wherein one size fits all answer. According to us, the best day/time to deliver an email campaign differs immensely based on clients, target audience, customers’ buying habits, industry sectors, job roles and regions. By keeping these factors in mind, we recommend the following ways to find out the best day/time to send email marketing campaigns:

You need to develop an email program, which should be based on your strategic move and customers’ individual purchase cycle. You can conduct a survey to analyze whether your competitors are launching their campaigns timely or not. For this, you can make use of online marketing Intelligence tool that helps you in doing so. Build a test plan and test your email marketing performance by using key conversion metrics to gauge conversion rate, revenue and open and click rates for your email campaign.

According to a survey, on an average about 3.5 emails are delivered per week, in which Monday and Friday are racked up the most email deployments. The time of delivering emails varies based on certain factors (already mentioned above).

Testing plays a vital role in order to arrive at the best day/time to deliver your email campaigns. We have detected that there isn’t a universal rule for sending email campaigns for the best day/time for delivery across verticals. This is the reason where you have to continuously test your performance over a defined period of time, along with statistics and relevant samples.

From several years of testing, we have finally detected the best days for deploying email campaigns; they are Tuesday and Thursday – for our loyal customers, Friday and Saturday – for retail clients, Sunday – for a nationwide business clients, and Monday – especially for B2B clients. In terms of the best time to deploy campaigns, the marketing trends are equally volatile. It varies greatly as per our survey, the best time one can deploy email campaigns that we’ve noticed is 4 am, 9 am, 10 am, 8 pm, and 10 pm – these leads vary according to industries sectors and based on the type of email program.

Along with this, there are other variables, which potentially impact time/day – when users are accessing their system at home or during office hours, the products that you have deployed them in your marketing campaigns, and the content or call to action of the email is – coupon, e-newsletters, and product announcement.

We always recommend you to take into consideration of your testing plans that help you in determining marketing performance, and what stands best and more appropriate for a specific brand or target audiences.

FrescoData inherits a powerful way of tracking marketing situation and deploying email campaigns based on various factors, which will not only improve your marketing performance, but also benefit you in targeting a huge market for your marketing programs.

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