Why Apple Email Marketing Never Fails to Impress

The Cupertino, California-headquartered multinational giant Apple has a massive following of loyal fans and clientèle who are always zealous about nearly every piece of the little announcement the company has to carry out. Now that is highly impressive. Same goes for Apple email marketing messages, as they are crisp, clear, and up to the mark.

Every consecutive email marketing company aspires to follow Apple email marketing practices when it comes to product marketing using mailing lists, as it is known for scrutinizing every fine detail of its work.

Apple email marketing campaigns feature a fluid approach and frequency for sending emails, which entertain the idea of sharp focus on the product by highlighting the characteristics with substantial calls to action.

Apple Email Marketing Failure

The basic email marketing tips, why the iOS manufacturer is perceived to be executing brilliant email marketing are:

Design: Apple follows a combination of a fair ratio of white space and beautiful imagery.
Content: Apple delivers content, which is always relevant to the clientèle, short and simple regarding a certain event or product.
Uniqueness: Apple maintains exclusivity in every email, which makes the clientèle feel associated with the company as soon as they receive the email.

In the segment of communication, Apple email marketing follows three types of email subjects featuring content according to client relevancy. These are:

Product: Focuses on a specific product launch.
Software: Focuses on a specific software upgrade.
Event: Focuses on specific times of the year, for instance- Return to University after the break, Post Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Effective Email Marketing Tips from Apple Email Marketing

Consistent Framework

Follow a consistent framework. The emails, which are sent to the customers, should be an ideal combination of emails namely event and product. The email should be educative and propelling sales.

Know Your Audience

Don’t chain yourself into sending an email every month. Communicate with your audience and know about the products they have. Use your medium of communication to gauge how often and what details they wish to receive from your side and appreciate their feedback.

Establish Rules

Establish a set of rules based on themes and contents rather than setting them on the basis of frequency. Sending a newsletter on a monthly basis is not important, instead communicating regularly is.

Stay Focused

No need to dump everything in a single email. It will just confuse your audiences. You should maintain a single-mindedness and focus on content regarding a specific theme or topic. If you don’t have something appropriate to send this month, it’s alright try sending it in the next month.

Image of the Product

There are many email marketing companies who do not have a budget to go through a photo shoot for the product’s email marketing campaign, but they should consider it as an option. Relevant product images will fascinate the audience.

No to Templates, Say Yes to Appropriate Guidelines

As compared to templates, guidelines are more flexible; therefore, it is crucial to establish some guidelines for your communication via email marketing. The guidelines should include details like CTA, use of imagery, logo treatments, privacy, header options, etc.

Apple follows no routine or rigid structure either for email marketing, but it performs an outstanding job in ensuring that the key messages are always embedded at the top and the email maintains sheer consistency.

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