Global Expat Marketing Lists

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Domestic Marketers are making use of an array of channels to reach out to Locally settled international consumers who are also known as the Expats. Be it billboards, banner advertising or the new age social media and language centric campaigns, marketers leave no stone unturned to reach out to expatriates. But the challenge is capturing the right expatriates and therefore the need for a comprehensive marketing mailing list of expats arises. Here FrescoData’s global expat marketing mailing list helps marketers give their marketing campaign the right impetus, thus capitalizing on the ROI. FrescoData’s Global expat marketing lists comprises of a list of individuals who have the settled indefinitely into a foreign location. FrescoData helps marketers connect with these affluent expatriates who have the authority to opt, procure and invest.

All the lists on FrescoData’s databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

FrescoData- elaborative list of Expats

FrescoData global expat email list provides a single view of the most influential expatriates, which comprises of key fields such as phone, email address, job title etc. Extensive promotions of products via direct marketing emails, customised for the international audience is one of the most important marketing tool to reach out to the expats. A few email list providers try to reach the significant audience, while FrescoData goes the extra mile by understanding the medium of business and providing lucrative global expat email lists. With FrescoData’s global expat email list, marketers can take their marketing dollars further, increase brand awareness by engaging in the right environment of expatriates.

FrescoData offers a seamless solution of building customized expatriate marketing mailing lists, moving from the marketers business to disseminating to the potential expats and finally reaching the expats inbox. This practice thereby helps marketers achieve highly productive ROI on their marketing campaigns.

Here we highlight, the key area which makes FrescoData the most preferred vendor for global expat email list-

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