Business Frequent Flyers Email Lists

Total List Count: 1,244,108

Frequent flyers are good prospects for offers on credit cards, cruise, hotel deals, vacations, travel gear etc. Smart marketers encompass their process of marketing their campaigns by procuring and utilizing FrescoData’s traveler email database. FrescoData’s Business Frequent Flyers email list includes travellers, who are frequent flyers within the domestic as well as international circuit. Many of these globetrotters fly places due to various professional commitments, which demand them to spend a great amount of time travelling. Then there are other travellers who fly often for pleasure to enjoy a holiday, or a vacation perhaps. The business frequent flyers are allured by ample of travel offers and incentives etc. These attractive offers reach their inbox, because FrescoData provides one of the most consolidated email list of the business frequent flyers to its clients.

All the lists on FrescoData’s traveler email databases are opt-in and have been legally compiled according to each country’s marketing regulations.

A full array of demographics combined with pivotal fields such as job titles, phone, fax, email, postal address and other details form FrescoData’s comprehensive email list of business frequent flyers. Business frequent flyers’ email list ensures optimum level of precision achieved by our researchers who keep apprising and updating the data periodically. FrescoData’s data analysts capture all the information from sources such as overseas events and trade shows visitors, duty-free purchases, in-flight telephone users, responders and purchases made from in-flight magazines and catalogues.

Our traveler email database plays a significant role in the success of direct marketing campaigns, accruing best ROI and yielding bigger profits for the marketers. FrescoData’s business frequent flyers email list indeed acts as a perfect impetus for email marketing, direct mailing and analytics too.

Furthermore, FrescoData caters to specific requirements of clients, and hence provides comprehensive pre-packaged and custom built business frequent flyers mailing lists comprising of country-wise details of travellers. Marketers count on FrescoData for top quality and accurate data.

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