12 Best Email Marketing Tips For Professionals

Email marketing is now a trending boom-spot for marketeers where they make huge money banks by executing targeted marketing campaigns. Alicia Cox, the most experienced Client manager at FrescoData spoke with the marketing analysts and leading marketing vendors to come-up with this best-of-breed email marketing strategy.

You might be wondering, how professionals are executing best email marketing strategies! Let’s find out what email marketing tips are trending and how to achieve success with your subscribers list.

You’re Killing Your Email Marketing Campaign

1. Use Double Opt-In

On asking for Email marketing tips from a industry veteran, D Sachs, he mentioned that using double-opt forms on blogs, social media pages, websites, etc. is a must. Ultimately, your prospective recipients should stay in touch with you.

What is double opt-in? Double opt-in means, when systems send a confirmation request to the recipient’s email address, the email confirmation links are the call-to-action links where the recipients click on the link mentioned in the mail confirm their acceptance to get subscribed to given list.

2. Connect with your audience

Alicia Cox at FrescoData believes that consumers are willing to connect through various platforms like social media, email, mobile and others. Hence businesses need to have the ability to reach their target audience wherever they are available.

3. Target based on segmentation

Turnball says, “Think about what information is more valuable for your list, and possibly, how to capture data in the briefest way “. For an example, if your list requirement is for zip code then consider prompting only for zip code instead of getting a phone number or street address.

An email address is the only prompt tool you need to have, but let’s say if you want to have additional information, he recommends you to making it optional and give some other additional incentives for doing so.

4. Keep Subject Lines Precise and Short

The head of Email campaign management at FrescoData- Sam Kwala shares a tip; your subject lines should be less than 50 characters including spaces. It reflects the message that tells what is in the email. The best subject lines are those that get clicked and opened by most of the recipients. Ask yourself; out of thousands of unread mails, how would your subject stand out to be the best in a recipients’ mailbox?

A lot of digital Marketing professionals agreed that the best subject lines should be as brief as possible. It should be an accurate one and should also reflect what is inside and also motivate the recipient to click and open the mail.

5. Write in Human friendly language

Remember you are sending emails to your subscribers, so don’t be afraid in reflecting your personality. Alicia believes that you can make a huge variance in the way of content writing.

The art of high-quality content writing plays a significant role in email marketing. Just like on Facebook, one of the social media website, the style of writing is particularly casual. It has allowed organizations and businesses to speak in a friendlier manner with their customers and fans.

You can use casual language for interacting with them as a person, not as a subscriber or customer which lets them connect with you, while drafting mail content. He further suggests that adding a little fun or humor to your email. This will not only let you to connect with the audience, but also people will showcase their interest towards the brand.

6. Well-Brand with a Clear and compelling Call-To-Action

Before sending mail to your recipient, you must ensure that your mail body is well-branded. It should contain more relevant information along with clear and compelling call-to-action links. You should mention links in the email-above the fold, evidently early. They are used to track to get information of those subscribers who have actually click-through or not, and can be potentially targeted in the near future of marketing campaigns.

7. Mobile Technology

Research Manager at Econsultancy, A Zaidi says, “Email marketing is no longer executed only on computers”. Further, she says, “It’s also a mobile content on smartphones and tablets”.

According to her the most significant email marketing tip is being aware of how your informational content, is delivered and displayed on different device platforms.

Think about touch-screen devices, and how one can optimize an email improvising the creative aspects. It is an offline read for some mobile users, which limits the content with real-time offers. Apart from this, mobile lets you target customers by location which can be really helpful when you need to geo-target.

8. Deliver the relevant content to the right person

It’s a bit hard to overstate how much beneficiary a well-managed email list can be; notably when the right group of people is targeted to add in the list. Consumers are least interested in every aspect of businesses or organization as they are more attracted towards only one product or service.

An efficient Digital Marketing personal will always try to tailor your email marketing lists where-in, if you are a non-profit firm who wants to connect only with previous contributor and not volunteers or say, you are an owner of pet store where you want to provide discount coupons only to dog owner and not to cat owner. To execute this, you have to tailor your segment list which works best for marketing campaigns. And if you don’t have such a segmented list, you could very well reach out to the trusted players like Frescodata.com

9. Get a Real Sense of Your Customer

You need to have a real sense of where your clients, customers or supporters fit to an effective segment of your list. Sam’s email marketing tricks include, preplanning campaigns keeping future perspective in mind, as well as giving priority to the customers’ needs.

Kwala thinks that the easiest way of knowing your audience interest is, by conducting a brief survey. Just be clear and explain them why they are being asked such questions. Once you know how to segment your list and how you will create them, start working on it filling with subscriber’s details”.

10. Use Polls to gather the information

If you want to segment your mail list properly, you could make use of a poll, one of the quick ways knowing your audience opinion, based on which you can fetch audience response pertaining to a single topic.

Poll results will help foster a sense of interaction. Customers are able to view what others have polled for. You can create new list based on the results, once you got the good pool of response from audience.

11. Test: Don’t Spray and Pray

Sam Kwala always makes it a point that tailored emails are sent to particular contact segments. It ensures better performance than Spray and pray mail. However, he recommends segmentation of lists, for creating targeted marketing campaigns based on consumers’ behavioral information or through other contact data you are aware of each recipient.
He further adds, by implementing this trick, it will also help you to determine and set the right Marketing strategy for each segment.

12. Enhance your Contact list

Alicia notes that segmentation is as flexible as your contact data while implementing it more effectively. She suggests that one should always trust a professional email marketing company to enrich contact data with more worthy content for successful email campaigns.

Do this by appending contact data collected from other sources available to you. You can use website behavioral data, customers’ behavior on the web, CRM database, purchase history, browser history or through another source. Your Campaigns will bear great returns if all the above Email marketing tips are applied.

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