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One of the successful aspects of inbound marketing campaigns is email marketing, but to achieve your targeted objectives, you need to engage with your subscribers by building a long-term relationship. Marketeers might have finished building a successful inbound marketing strategy, and have engaged with people on social media platform, as well as might have attracted new visitors to their website on Google, who have provided their email addresses in exchange of subscribing their services.

Most marketeers commit mistakes at this point of situation where, they start selling their services to new subscribers as soon as they hand over their email addresses. But, this tactic won’t work well, unless your subscribers don’t trust you. For instance, in case, subscribers feel that they have been duped by you, as they didn’t receive services for which they’ve opted for.

So, to get refrained from such situation, let’s have a glance at some best practices that every business can follow during their marketing events:

How to take your eMarketing to the next level

Build your own opt-in email List

Ensure that your lead forms allow website visitors to enter their email address and opt-in to subscribe your services. You can make use of two great email marketing platforms that are MailChimp and AWeber –will help ensure that you’re fully complying with the email marketing policy in your nation. Not only your website stands as a good place for growing opt-in email list, but also, you can ask subscribers to share and forward your newsletters to their friends to get more opt-in sign-ups.

During marketing events, when you meet new individuals, you can hand over your business card and tell individuals to sign up for your updates listed on your website – follow up with a reminder via email.

On an average, every year, marketing business losses up to 25 per cent of its email subscribers that makes very important for marketeers to keep growing their email database – a key for successfully running and sustaining your marketing business in future.

Personalized your mail content

Once you’ve captured customers’ email addresses in your opt-in email list, address them in your emails by drafting personalized mail content. Before sending emails to customers, draft catchy subject lines, as well as remind customers how they met you or where they signed up by having these information at the bottom of each correspondence.

Before sending emails to recipients, you should deliver them a valuable content that is worthy too. Tell your recipients, why your email is of value to them. Be consistent in sending emails to your recipients at a regular time intervals. By doing this, your customers will know you, extending a long-term relationship with your brands to further their business proposals for future assessments.

Add a call-to-action link

Your every single marketing message should reflect a specific and clear goal of the company. You must include a clear and compelling call-to-action link, which makes more clear for recipients to know more about you, in case, they would like to receive information like, whether they are interested in purchasing your products and services or not.

Measuring your marketing performance

You email softwares should allow you to analyze and measure your marketing performance; what content is most popular with your marketing database. For example; you might send a newsletter or graphic media that demonstrates about your products and services in detail. Or, allowing you to discover the recipients on your email list that are interested in that relevant topic than others.

By knowing your customers’ base and interest, will help you send your content based on that information to them by which their interest increases in subscribing your service. But, make sure you deliver your services on time; else they might lose their interest and unsubscribe you.

Thus, email marketing is one of the most vital tools in your inbound marketing campaign. Potential customers have trusted you with something very valuable information like, providing their email address, so, it’s very significant that you don’t dupe them by sending your promotional stuff.

If somewhere your customers feel that they have been deceived by you, then there might be a possibility where their trust breached and in result unsubscribe your services. Ultimately your opportunity to build a long-term relationship with those individuals will be lost and could otherwise subscribe your competitor, too.

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