2014 Survey Reveals Consumer Views on Email Marketing

Reveals Consumer Views on Email Marketing

After surveying consumer habits and thoughts about email marketing this year, it has answered a lot of questions about its effects on purchasing behavior and social media use. Email marketing campaigns extensively rely on surveys to come up with relevant information which can be used to enhance the next big campaign. Here are a few of the notable takeaways from the findings along with a few recommendations that will benefit you in the long run:

Email Marketing Facts

  • It is worth noting that consumers check their accounts early and often. Since more than 80% of these customers check their emails before starting work, you can take advantage of this situation to target subscribers and put an edge to your messaging at the same time. You have to catch these individuals early when they are actually interested in what you have to offer.
  • A staggering 87% of individuals will unsubscribe or delete emails which don’t display properly on their handheld devices. This makes it even more important for you to ensure design your messages with the mobile display sizes in mind as it is critical for the overall success of your email marketing.
  • It has also been noted that more than 80% of consumers sign up to receive emails provided they are offered discounts and attractive offers. The 2014 survey further reveals a curtailed dollar amount is by far the most eye-catching sort of offer.
  • While 45% of the consumers wait for discounts until they actually make a purchase, the other 55% do not. It is an important data point for marketers that are looking to segment their email marketing lists for those who could do with an offer against those who will actually make the purchase without one.
  • Almost 70% of consumers prefer communicating with brands through text messages or direct mail. This underscores the significance of the email channel and how it can be utilized to enhance your marketing campaign. You don’t have to forgo the traditional marketing channels to achieve success.
  • A majority of consumers unanimously hold the opinion that one to two emails or text messages per week is the principle volume of communication from any brand. Bombard potential customers with content and they will lose interest.

Considering the aforementioned factors, the survey and its findings will offer deeper insights to advance brand’s marketing program. If you are still having problems coming up with a suitable strategy, you should consider asking the experts at FrescoData.

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