How to Fix Illegal Techniques in Email Marketing

Fix Illegal Techniques in Email MarketingHaving a brand outlet does not mean you have the right to break laws. It goes without saying several email marketing techniques being used today are illegal. Not only is it risky from a legal standpoint but unethical as well.

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These practices guarantee spam complaints and a high rate of people unsubscribing from your email database. If you do not wish to lose your potential clients, consider the following factors:

Provide Correct Header Information

If you wish to be successful as a marketer, you have to be transparent and honest with your target audience. This is why when you are creating an email marketing campaign; ensure the header information offers accurate information. This makes it important for you to present information, like email addresses and domain names, to clarify you are not misleading your customers.

The Subject Line Should be Consistent with the Email

Several email marketing campaigns ignore the fact the subject line has to be consistent with the content in the email. They fail to be specific and confuse the recipients with incomplete or inaccurate subject lines. Even though they trick the user into reading the email, it is considered an illegal practice. You should not mislead these individuals as a disappointed customer who expects something pleasant or for free; as they will further not do business with you.

International Rules and Regulations Should Not Be Ignored

Crossing international boundaries with email is quite simple, but you should keep in mind that each country has their own rules and regulations. Most marketers fail to understand this aspect and end up breaking the law. Moreover, you may get yourself in a lot of trouble as these nations may have stronger laws than your own. If you do consider this strategy, make sure you abide by their rules at the same time.

Recipients Should Be Able To Opt-Out

Even though most email marketing laws state the recipient should be given a way to unsubscribe from your service, most marketing companies fail to honor these requests. This makes it important for you to have a system in place which processes these requests to avoid problems in the future. With the various marketing applications available today, there is no excuse to not have a quick and instant automated unsubscribe system.

After reviewing the aforementioned factors, you will now be able to overcome many illegal practices which could do more harm than good in the long run. Additionally, you will also benefit from higher response rates. To prevent such instances, you can ask the experts at FrescoData for tips or when you need help to procure specific email lists.

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