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Month: July 2016

Email Automation Tips for Business Owners

Email marketing isn’t dead, dead are those random email blasts that you used to send to each and every person on your mailing list. In these days, it’s all about
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How to Optimize Email Marketing For Maximum Conversions

If you’re a marketer, you’re likely to feel Twitter as “TOO TRENDY”, Pinterest as “TOO FLASHY, and well, Facebook as “TOO COSTLY”. When we’re talking about generating maximum sales and
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How Brexit Effects Data, and How to Prepare

Citizens of the United Kingdom caught Brexit fever last month and voted to leave the European Union. The historic referendum on the UK’s membership in the EU took place on
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Mobile Marketing: A Statistical Overview

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere you look; it seems like everyone is online checking email, social media, or gaming. Portable devices make up a large part of email interactions and
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Quick Tips To Conduct Email Marketing Campaigns For Millennials

Millennials rule the giant world of e-Commerce. In fact, millennials are those groups of individuals who perhaps have the more power to spend compared to any other generation. It’s estimated
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5 Sure-Fire Strategies To Improve Email Click-Through Rate

It’s no secret that email marketing is an amazing way to connect with prospects, customers, and with everyone else who is important to your business. What’s most important metric of
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Highly Effective Subject Lines For Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you making the most out of your respective email marketing campaigns? Are the subject lines exciting enough to push subscribers to open the emails out of curiosity? Sales generate
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Jumpstart Your Food Venture With Email Marketing

Food businesses do not often gain the marketing recognition that they deserve due lack of effective email marketing campaign ideas. Traditional marketing techniques do little justice to such wonderful businesses.
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Achieving Accurate Personalization in Mobile Marketing

Building an enhanced mobile marketing strategy is a key priority for many marketers. The growth in consumer adoption of mobile videos and wearable technologies has lead to fresh delivery approaches
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