Quick Tips To Conduct Email Marketing Campaigns For Millennials

Millennials rule the giant world of e-Commerce. In fact, millennials are those groups of individuals who perhaps have the more power to spend compared to any other generation. It’s estimated in the United States that the number is estimated to reach annually $200 billion in 2017. The millennials are the first digital generation so far to fully embrace the online technology. They spend over 80 percent of their time online every day, which sets a perfect tone for digital communication.

Email Marketing for Millennials

The behavior of millennials is very important for online retailers. All those who think that conducting email marketing campaigns for millennials is an outdated idea in the age of social media are very much mistaken.

  • 98 percent of millennials follow the routine to check emails every day for a few hours, at least.
  • Email marketing remains to have the highest ROI, i.e. $39 for every dollar invested.
  • 40 percent of millennials prefer using email to connect with their favorite stores.
  • Millennials do not abandon newsletters, it has been found in leading studies.

Now that you know millennials are important for your business, why not target them in an appealing manner? Here’s how you should conduct email marketing campaigns for millennials.

We’ve listed a few email marketing ideas, which can be highly appealing to millennials.

Email Marketing Tips for Millennials


Millennials are looking for best online bargains before they purchase. Launch an email campaign offering special discounted prices available only through email. You can communicate this knowledge with website banners or use an email to announce the campaign. Also, add a disclaimer saying the customers may receive unannounced special discounts via emails. Offer them 24 hours validity for using the discount.


Millennials prefer to read their emails on smartphones rather than computers. If you’re not placing mobile friendly emails in the list of your priorities, it means you’re neglecting millennial clients too. It is very important that your email is optimized for smartphones along with other devices like tablets, etc. In the age of smartphone era, if you’re not reaching your audience via tablet or smartphone, you are most likely not reaching 50 percent of your audience. Responsive design of email is a must.


Pay special attention to the visuals and designs you’re using, do not underestimate them. Visuals and design are better regarded as an integral sector of the millennial world. In fact, the image is how millennials communicate these days. You can take Snapchat and Instagram for example. Both the social media platforms have established an entire empire out of those earnings. Use big, clear visuals in your emails. Images should be highly appealing and content should look great overall. Making your email look cool, modern, relaxed, and easy to perceive are some of the most significant email marketing tips. Use emoji and icons in your email.


Millennials love it when you treat them like individuals. They prefer spending more time with the brands who they consider as the ones reflecting their needs or spirits. Personalization is a great email marketing idea. Everyone, especially millennials love, when you address them individually in your subject lines.

You should keep these ideas in your mind for the next time when you’re conducting email marketing campaigns for millennials.

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