Achieving Accurate Personalization in Mobile Marketing

Building an enhanced mobile marketing strategy is a key priority for many marketers. The growth in consumer adoption of mobile videos and wearable technologies has lead to fresh delivery approaches over the last few years. At the present time, marketing campaigns seem to be navigating the new platform of mobile advertising. Due to this, the marketers who are too obsessed with previous marketing strategies will have a tough time adopting the new changes. The marketing teams, who are most likely to struggle, are contemporary ones. Let’s have a look at the major issues, which they’ve to tackle.

Personalization Mobile Marketing

  • A market, which is hyper-competitive due sky-high rate of mobile adoption
  • Abandonment of platform and app on mobile devices
  • Creation of mobile experiences, which are seamless and disruption-free

Mobile Marketing Tips

Accurate personalization is required for creating higher-return and engaging mobile marketing experiences. Another key point is that hardly 13 percent of marketing teams deliver mobile experiences that are segmented, compared to 43 percent of desktop campaigns.

Given these points, as more and more brands are adopting mobile marketing, personalization, which is data-driven, has become necessary. Eventually, this is to drive better results in a landscape with an ever-growing competition. Offering effective customization, product recommendations, and results for on-site search requires knowledge of consumer segments across various platforms. Without the insights of big data in mobile marketing, the accurate personalization of mobile marketing is not possible at all.

Few modern customers solely rely on a tablet or smartphone to make purchases, perform searches, and use social media. If your consumer base is anything like regular, average ones, they use a mix of mobile and desktop devices. That is to say, it depends on the device proximity, convenience, situation, and task.

The best mobile marketers are in a habit of capturing trails of big data from each of these given platforms in order to generate a multi-channel and truly comprehensive understanding of their consumers.

Most sophisticated mobile marketing strategies use a centralized database of consumer insights from web analytic, transactional, and social sources. This is typically housed in a DMP, i.e. Data Management Platform. In due time, if your attempts at personalization or segmentation have been achieved with mediocre results, your insights are to be blamed. Not your quality of tools or competitors.

The mobile technology has shown the path that leads to a wealth of fresh insights to savvy marketers who acquire the correct third-party data. According to leading studies, 91 percent of adult users of smartphone prefer keeping their device within their arm’s reach. The smartphones that are location-enabled generate a continuous stream of insights that are geo-targeted. Furthermore, marketers can use this to point out consumer habits precisely. If your mobile targeting relies on dated third-party offerings or exclusive first-party insights, your efforts for personalization will arrive as inaccurate.

Real-time exchange of data is very important for mobile personalization. Device differentiation practice can be introduced to achieve personalization in mobile marketing. It’s important to realize it’s a practice of offering search results to consumers that are format as well as price sensitive. If you implement this strategy, you can achieve immediate success in your mobile marketing campaigns offering personalization. In the long run, big data in mobile marketing is quite critical for success.

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