5 Sure-Fire Strategies To Improve Email Click-Through Rate

It’s no secret that email marketing is an amazing way to connect with prospects, customers, and with everyone else who is important to your business. What’s most important metric of your email marketing campaigns? Of course, it’s the open rate. What’s the second most important metric after open rate? It’s email click-through rate (CTR).

Improve Email Click-Through Rate

Ways to improve the click-through rate of emails

How disappointed you would be if you are getting a smashing open rate, but you failed to get prompt clicks. You have written a very attractive subject line, have picked an eye-popping design, and the content is really well-drafted, but due to some reason, the email click-through rate is lower than what you expected. No doubt, your email was good, but a great email grabs readers’ attention and makes them click. So, how to increase click-through rate in email marketing?

Here are some ways in which you can improve the click-through rate of your email marketing campaigns:

Including numbered lists

If your content has numbered lists, it will be easier for readers to crack down information and collect the data that they are looking for. While drafting your email, you can make a list of “best things to buy” or a collection of tips, as users are more likely to open your email if it’s in the form of a list. Numbered list also gives an idea to the user about how long your content is, and decide whether they have got some time to read those 5 or 50 tips.

Invoke curiosity

You might have read a lot of titles and subject lines that invoke curiosity among readers. Usually, there is an information gap, which is done deliberately to incur curiosity. The chances of a user clicking the button will increase as the user wants to know the missing information, so as to fill the gap. However, you should make sure that the user gets the missing piece of the puzzle after clicking.

Be clever with your subject line

After all, it boils down to how attractive your subject line is. Creative and fun subject lines will get the higher open rate and better email click-through rate. You can use rhymes and puns to grab recipients’ attention. For example, something like “Shop BOGO before it GoGo” will attract more customers than plain ole “It’s Buy One Get One, shop now”.

Use Preview Text to your advantage

When an email is displayed in someone’s inbox, it’s not only the subject line that’s visible, something else is visible too and that is the preview text. Instead of keeping random stuff in it, you should customize the preview text in such a way that it provides more information about the email or supports the subject line.

Use social proof

It is really obvious that people would trust a company or product easily if their friends or someone from their social circle trusts that brand. If anyone is referred to a certain site or store by family, peers, friends or experts, it acts as a stamp of approval. Including customer review or expert opinion about the product in the email can really work and increase the email click-through rate.

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