25 Ways to Build Up Your Email Marketing List

Build Up Your Email Marketing List

Email marketing is a trending tool in the online marketing space. The main advantage of it is that it is cost-effective and beneficial to deliver valuable content worldwide by sending e-newsletters in your marketing events. But, the other side of fact states that your email marketing database quality declines by 25 per cent every year.

There may be a possibility where in your email contacts have changed, as subscribers move from one organization to another. Every marketeer faces this possibility, where each of them has to maintain their email database to carry further their email marketing campaigns.

So, as a marketer, it’s your job to keep your email database updated by feeding information that is opt in, fresh, and incorporating existing contacts of subscribers. If you are not working on growing your email list already, then we have listed below a few tactics to build up your email marketing list for marketing events.

25 ways to build up your email list:

1. Draft a remarkable content. Create a content feed with valuable information, if you wish people to stay subscribed to you. In case, you wish subscribers to forward your emails to their friends, which aren’t on your email list, give them an option to share content.

2. Generate new lead-gen offers like providing free e-books, whitepaper – that require visitors to provide their email address in exchange of subscribing your services.

3. Organize a trade show or host your own online webinar to collate email address by making visitors sign up for the event through online registration.

4. Use sandwich board. If you’ve a retail or local shop, you can make use of that valuable sidewalk to promote your newsletter. Also, create new offers to get visitors in the store to join your email list, if they are interested in subscribing your services.

5. Held an online contest like a free giveaway, where entrants have to sign up or submit their email address.

6. Append an email sign up form or call-to-action link on a custom tab of your Facebook page. You can feature your blog in that custom tab in Views and Apps sections of new Facebook page to make more enticing for viewers.

7. Run a marketing event on a partner or affiliate website in order to collect email addresses from a valid source website.

8. Collect email addresses of customers at offline events such as, tradeshows, special clubs, street fairs, and import them in your email database. Be sure to send customers a welcome email, which confirms their opt-in to your mailing list.

9. Incentivize your customers by giving them offers like discount coupon, or event ticket, where they have opted for your services by summiting their email address.

10. Motivate your existing subscribers to share your emails by incorporating social media sharing buttons or Email to a friend link, so that their networks, friends, and other colleagues, can subscribe your service, if are interested.

11. Create a Google AdWords for email capture or simply leverage paid search ads to link to a landing page with an email sign up.

12. While drafting contents for guest blogging opportunities add a compelling call-to-action link for visitors to subscribing blog or email database in your signature line.

13. Make use of social media platforms to promote one of your lead-gen offers. To illustrate, you can create a Twitter campaign to promote offers like free resources, or e-books to your followers, which require an email address for reading it.

14. Likewise, marketeers can make use of Facebook business page to promote an offer, which requires an email address for subscribing it. In addition to this, create a custom tab for an email sign up, post your new arrivals, or offers on your timeline, and encourage your leads to share and like that offers posted on Facebook by adding a share button on your landing page, as well as on welcome page.

15. Promote offers and email sign up via Google+ business page by using your Google+ updates and your Google+ about section.

16. Target leads having redeemable offers by using an email address on your LinkedIn Page or in relevant LinkedIn group, or recommend an offer as the answer to someone’s question in the forum.

17. Promote offers on Pinterest, which require email signup. FrescoData has created a Pinterest page by pinning esthetic cover pages, containing useful and information-rich content for viewers. By using this approach, we have been able to grow our mailing list by generating more leads.

18. Promote e-books or relevant offers via an affiliate or partner email newsletter, which target new leads. This technique gives you an advantage to get new and fresh subscribers’ base for growing your email list.

19. Advertise your brand by leveraging company’s YouTube channel. Append a call-to-action link along with company’s web link at the end of the videos. Give prospects an option to share your videos to various social media platform by including sharing buttons on the YouTube page. You can also include links to relevant landing pages in your videos’ text description.

20. Host offline events; such as, meetups, conference, educational panels, hack fest or code fest etc. Create an online registration form, where interested individuals can register, so that you can deliver them details regarding the events on their given email address.

21. Make use of a traditional marketing campaign, like direct mail, for your existing prospects for getting fresh opt-ins to receive email communication instead. Include a URL link to an online signup, and allows viewers to opt out of direct mail.

22. Add a Link that captures email signups throughout your website, but don’t make people lure around your site to stumble across subscription options. Highlight your offers up front, and incorporate call-to-action link on every web page of your website. The key places to be considered are landing page of your website, blog archives, Contact Us page, and About Us page.

23. Host a co-marketing webinar with an affiliate or partner, and ask them to advertise the registration to their audience.

24. Update and reinvigorate your mailing list by creating an engaging email content. Remove those subscribers that have opted out your subscription services. Clean your email database regularly and keep it up-to-date at regular intervals.

25. Segmented you mailing list accordingly based on customized factors, such as, industry sector, job roles, and regions. After this, create multiple email subscription forms, which you use to deliver targeted content to a specific group of your marketing personas. This will increase the likelihood of individuals subscribing to one of them.

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