Five Effective Ways to Fortify Your E-mail List

Ways to Fortify Your E-mail List

Email marketing is the most effective tool that can extend your business reach beyond website and generate more sales opportunities. For an instance: if you simply sell your products to customers; mainly when they visit your website, you might have all-or-nothing chance of generating sales.

Firstly, ask yourself at once, should they leave without purchasing your products? Also, there is no guarantee that they’ll visit to your site later. But, there is a good alternative to such existing scenarios; you can build an email list of current and potential customers based on their past browsing history or past purchases, using email marketing as your key tool; you can reach out repeatedly to your prospects by sending targeted messages.

Email List Tips

We have listed out five ways to integrate email marketing opt-in forms into your website and help you to remain engage with your key prospects:

Integrate an opt-in form on Home page

The most easiest and common technique to build an email list is to integrate an opt-in form on your home page, and position it on the top of your website, so that your visitors don’t have to scroll down.

For getting an opt-in form code, you first need to sign-up with an email marketing service provider. The marketing experts will collate customers’ email addresses, contact information, manage your email list, and send emails to your subscribers. We’ve listed below a few key aspects to keep in mind while building an opt-in form:

  • Basically, to hike your opt-in rates, you should receive more sign ups rather, collecting customers’ information. Most marketeers have found that by collecting customers’ email address or other contact information, or just an email address will result in higher opt-in rates.
  • You’ll gain better results from your marketing campaigns, if you provide a bonus amount to customers for providing their email address. Many marketing experts offer free e-book and coupon code that encourage customers for more sign-ups.
  • You can even perform a split test on your opt-in form based on your email services provider that you’ve chosen. Test and try designing with two different versions of your opt-in forms, which will directly display to the visitors and help you to decide the most effective approach to employee for your next campaigns.

Include an Opt-in page on About Us page

Another best approach to grow your subscribers’ list is that include an opt-in option in your site’s about us page. Visitors, who are arriving on this page, are interested in knowing about your services and business more, so now, it’s your time to encourage visitors to get known more about your services by subscribing you. By employing this technique, you’ll see an increase in your newsletter sign-ups within less period of time.

Place an opt-in form to your checkout process

Your checkout process can be another logical place where in you place an opt-in form. If your customers are interested in buying your products that they are ready to scratch their credit cards, then the customers expect to receive future benefits and emails from you.

To gain more information on integrating an opt-in form into your sales process, just check out with your shopping cart service provider. Mostly, today’s top payments are united with reputed marketing experts. If such integration isn’t available with you; you can hire a developer to insert an opt-in function in your page.

Add an opt-in form in Blog’s comments section

If you keep posting or blogging on your site, it will be beneficiary; if you can integrate an email opt-in form into blog’s comment section. It is an easy tactic to reach prospects that are already interested in what you offer and sell them.

A few marketing experts provide blog-specific plug-ins, which will let you insert an opt-in feature easily and quickly. You can also purchase software that enables you to highlight the opt-in features in blog section.

Present opt-in forms via pop-up advertisements

Although, a few visitors find opt-in ads as irritating one, but the presence of such pop-up opt-ins depicts that it is very effective for some marketeers, just like a judgment call where you’ve decided to insert an opt-in form in pop style.

Gauge metrics of your marketing performance precisely. Keep one thing in mind that you need to increase your subscription lists without encountering an increase in website’s bounce rate. And, by employing the above listed email list building tactics, you’ll surely receive more subscribers for sending newsletters as well as will increase sales leads for your next marketing campaigns.

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