25 Tips To A Powerful Email Marketing Strategy

We have listed out 25 email marketing tips and techniques that help you improve and sustain the quality and consistency of your emails while delivering them to subscribers. Every Marketeer shares a mutual concern with each other for implementing email marketing in the right manner. While delivering an email to subscribers, it’s the job of marketeers to monitor, whether their email sent delivers into the subscribers’ inbox, or not. While most marketeers are curious to increasing their deliverability rates in order to improve their marketing performance.

Powerful Email Marketing Strategy Tips

Email Marketing Strategy

  1. Seek Permission From Subscribers – Before delivering your valuable mail to subscribers, it’s necessary to seek permission from them. Besides this, by sending an email to subscribers without seeking their permission can lead to increase in number of spam complaints and they’ll start blocking your emails. The most worst of it could be, subscribers might opt out altogether, or you might also get the boot from your email service provider for violating their policies.
  2. Be Consistent In Sending Emails – You have done with building a mailing list of subscribers. Now it is your job to stay engaged with subscribers by sending emails at regular intervals. Don’t fade away, once delivering an email to subscribers. Instead, notify your potential subscribers that what content will be delivered to them, and how often they would be receiving your emails. It is obvious that no recipients want their mailbox to get filled with bulk of mails. You can maintain consistency by sending emails twice or thrice in a week, depending on the recipients’ interest.
  3. Make Use Of Double Opt-Ins – You might face a slight barrier to get valid emails. Double opt-ins work excellent and protect you and your email service provider from bumping into spam complaints. Double opt-ins act in a smart way, since you will be confirming that recipients are interested in subscribing your services, and are willing to click on a link for doing that.
  4. Employ Email Marketing – By employing email marketing in your campaigns, you can grab specific prospects and send emails, which are related to their interests’ criteria. By using email marketing, you can target a particular segment, and thus, can reap more benefits by sending emails based on pre-defined factors; such as industry, location, and job roles. Keep checking websites like FrescoData for latest Email marketing tips provided by experts.
  5. Market Offers At The Right Event – It would be worthy and beneficial for marketeers, if they introduce their products or services at the right moment. This can be done strategically and wisely for earning an opportunity to hike profits by providing recipients with the relevant offerings at the right time that satisfy their need for that particular moment. Remember one thing, here; time and event are the two vital components that are plus points for marketeers to grab more audience, and turning them to lifetime customers. This is the best way to win the trust of millions of people.
  6. Draft Email That Highlights Your Brand – Mention your company’s name, its logo, along with framing a suitable content – every time before sending emails. By doing so, it uplifts your brand image and makes your emails familiar to the recipients.
  7. Give A Professional Touch To Emails – Present your emails by filtering a consistent color scheme and let it look like a professional one rather than a casual one.
  8. Design Mobile-Friendly E-Newsletters, And Landing Pages – Today, most of the population uses smart devices to cater their needs and getting it faster just by tapping on it. It’s your high-time to modernize and revitalize email marketing strategies and design mobile-friendly landing pages, as well as e-newsletters, so that users don’t get stuck when the page is being loaded on their smartphones’ screen.
  9. Etch Images And Multimedia Elements – Make your email marketing more enticing by attaching graphics and multimedia components that serve your marketing goals in a different manner. Though, most clients avoid using images in the mails for privacy reasons, but the tactic works in a feasible manner where your subscribers remain engaged, and enjoy by viewing the media etched. Don’t forget to add a descriptive text below the image, as your subscribers should have a clear idea, what the image is all about and how it would be helpful to them.
  10. Fonts Can Reflect The Tone Of Your Brand – By choosing the right font size and font family is a must when you are drafting an email content. This makes your email look visually appealing, as well as it accentuates the tone of your brand. You can try Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, or Calibri to get a unique look instead of using regular fonts.
  11. Reinforce the expectation of email campaign – It means tactfully describing the basis of your email message, and inform subscribers; whether they wish to receive future emails, or not.
  12. Personalize the email content – The term personalizing in email marketing refers to secure the email content of subscribers including their names and other credentials. By personalizing the email content, it builds up a trust factor, and frames a window of being loyal to subscribing your services in future.
  13. Draft a precise and crisp email content – Many times people are so busy in their schedule that they find it tedious to read a long email content. But, you should avoid drafting long email content by minimizing the content that covers your goal of your email sent. To execute this, one can mention strong features and highlighting components in the content that plays a vital role in your marketing events.
  14. Write for people – Using spammy tags like free offers, too many exclamation marks won’t work, if it doesn’t catch the eyeballs of subscribers. Remember, you are writing for the people, and not marketing your products and services all the time. A blog post is the right way to connect with more number of audiences, and educate them about your services, and products.
  15. Engage and solicit using Social media – Engaging with audience is essential to keep building mailing lists. This can be enacted when you connect with audience via social media to reach more number of millennials. Not only, this, as a reader, I like when audience leaves a comment or gives their feedback. Thus, by continuously engaging will help you judge the taste and liking of the audience.
  16. Test email marketing performance using different email clients – Once you have the perfect pro-forma of your marketing campaign, test it to monitor marketing performance by using different email clients like MS Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird.
  17. Provide an Easy unsubscribe option – When subscribers are not willing to opt your services, you should provide an option so that they can easily unsubscribe you. Attach an unsubscription link, and make it visible in your email because it is much better than getting a spam compliant.
  18. Optimize readability– Mix HTML mail and the best of plain-text by sending in Multipart. For devices that support HTML, will display mail in HTML format. Conversely, if a device does not support HTML, it will display mail in plain-text.
  19. Make use of pre-headers to gain from email previews – Get best out of your email sent by drafting catchy pre-headers to make your content unique. To implement this technique, use email services like Gmail that displays pre-header directly after the subject line. It is a good idea to summarize the email right there.
  20. Use a plain-text format for HTML – Blend your email routine once in a while and make use of plain-text email, if you deliver it in an HTML format. Recipients often receive plain-text emails that are more engaging and personal, so use it cleverly.
  21. Respect your prospects’ time, and interests – Avoid sending bulk emails to subscribers’ mailbox. Instead, send emails at a particular time when they are actually in need for. As a good marketeer, I always take care and respect the likings and changing tastes of the people. This helps us identify what actually your customers want to receive from you.
  22. Re-confirm audiences’ interest after a couple of months: Getting permission from people and retaining it is half the battle. Typically, permission expires after nine months, so it’s a good idea to re-confirm audiences’ interest for receiving emails and offers from you. The best outcome is that you will discover more loyal subscribers for your email campaigns.
  23. Send emails to targeted groups, listed in mailing your list – With the advancement in email marketing, it’s easy for you to track which links and emails captivate your audiences’ interest. Collect and segment this data to identify different sub-groups to send tailored messages. The pertinent outcome is that you’ll notice an increase in response rates when you implement it in a right manner.
  24. Adding extra contacts of subscribers – Email marketing is the holy grail of marketing for small and large businesses, but it is not the end. Once your relation with subscribers matures, try to push your marketing in another direction by collating phone numbers and addresses of subscribers and not only this, make promises for future proposals. The additional contacts can be taken into consideration to stay in touch and nurture relationship with subscribers.
  25. Ask for feedback and reviews – Generally, there are two types of feedback that is active and passive. Active feedback is when audience asks you queries, make comments or suggests an idea. Passive feedback is looking at which links people click on that is an indicator of the total interest of subscribers in receiving e-newsletters. Analyze and leverage these feedbacks to improve your marketing performance.

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