3 Creative Ways to Fix Your Email Marketing Strategy

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about “Common Reasons Why People Subscribe & Unsubscribe”. We received a few emails from people wanting to know how they could fix their email marketing strategy to bring in more sales lead. Now, some strategies work better than others. Below are a few tips that would help you with your email marketing strategy.

Creative Email Marketing Strategy

Tips for Email Marketing Strategy

Welcome New Customers: Buy Mailing Lists

If you’re doing it right, you may already have more email addresses than you can imagine at your disposal. Start expanding your database – exhaust all your internal resources by digging through old events. You can also partner with email marketing companies who can help you buy mailing lists that are fresh, accurate, and relevant to your marketing objective. You can also expand by incentivizing the sales transaction with your first time buyers with discounts, offers in the form of loyalty programs or as an expression of gratitude.

Now, revisit all of your mailing lists database collection touch points to create a personalized customer experience where you value their interest. This strategy will remind readers that they subscribed in the first place, so they won’t disregard your emails as spam.

Email Timing Matters the Most

Since, there’s no quick fix to sending out the perfect email, you’re going to have to resort to rigorous testing and improvement to get the most engagement.

Fortunately, split testing your email campaigns will help you gain insight into the type of graphic, headlines, subject lines, and content style that will work best for you. But the most important of all, it will lead you to discover timing for improved performance in the long run and help you fix things in a much more valuable way.

Your email timing should be relevant to the purpose of the email, your target audience and the lifestyles they lead, and their purchasing habits.

Next, Marketing Content?

There are several factors to increase the likelihood of an email being opened. We have listed down a few:

SPAM COMPLIANT: Run A/B tests to get acquainted with the latest phrases and patterns on SPAM filter radars – it’s the most useful email marketing strategy of all. The most common email marketing mistake companies do is putting the test in all caps and using excessive punctuation. If you’re unsure about the protocols, team up with email marketing companies who can you walk through the CAN-SPAM act and help you avoid potential risks.

PERSONALIZATION: Okay, personalized emails are also notorious for being excessively spammy. But, personalization is better than an empty gesture, so you need it. Stay on the right side of personalization and your email is going to yield higher open rates than expected.

EMOTIONAL APPEAL: This doesn’t just apply to social media. Adding a bit of personal touch or humor to your subject line can be addictive at best!

For more email marketing tips and tricks on generation impressive open and click rates and increasing engagement in a way that feels organic to your brand, check out FrescoData blog.

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