3 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists

Business owners and marketers spend a lot of time and money on email campaigns to improve client relationship, more sales and growth. However, they often don’t put the same amount of effort to retain these clients they worked so hard to gain in first place. And then they’re left bemused when the “unsubscribed” notification pops up in their inbox.

Why People Unsubscribe From Mailing Lists

A recent study by an independent research program, which surveyed over 500 internet users noted the most common reasons why people unsubscribe from email newsletters. Below are six reasons for unsubscribes – keep in mind that working on these reasons will help you cultivate a lasting relationship with your clients.

Why People Unsubscribe


According to a recent survey, 53 percent of consumers reported getting too many emails from businesses, while only 44 percent said they get the right amount. In other words, 53 percent of consumers feel they’re getting spammed with a barrage of emails from the same businesses.
There is a simple way to get around this issue. All you need to do is have your subscribers submit their email frequency preference. This approach will put the power into the subscribers’ hands.


Spam emails either end up in the trash or get weeded out by the email spam filters. Many times, frustrated readers start the manual filtering process to weed out emails that look like spam.
There are two ways to get around this. For starters, avoid spammy words in your emails like “free,” “act now!” “free access,” “join millions,” and “no age restrictions.” For the second tip, you’ll need to read what you must do to avoid sending emails that contain irrelevant content.


Email marketing is about taking four ‘rights’ to reach to the end destination – send the right content to the right person, at the right time, through the right channel. Although when you email irrelevant content to your subscribers, you get lost on the way.

So, here’s the solution: Develop relevant and personalized emails for each and every one of your subscribers. In order to this do, you must first tailor your content based on demographics, engagement, buyer behavior and firmographics. Remember, email marketing does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Personalization is the key to improved metrics.

Now that we know what are the triggers let’s talk about how soon you can mend your ways to keep clients from unsubscribing from your email lists. Internet users are savvy to all sorts of cheap tricks and tactics marketers use. Keep measuring your email marketing metrics. If a lot of people are unsubscribing, you must try to send fewer emails, perhaps change the content, and make it more personalized.
Are there any other reasons why you think people unsubscribe from emails? Please share in the comments.

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