5 Great Direct Mail Marketing Tips to Boost Response Rates

Direct mail marketing, even if expensive, is one of the most important pieces of your marketing strategy. That’s why so many companies spend endless hours developing and executing the campaign to offset marketing costs and skyrocket business revenue. The key to success lies in getting your message reached to the target prospect in the right manner on a regular basis.

Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Direct Mail Marketing – Boost Response Rate


Below are 5 great direct mail marketing tips to boost response rates.


The most essential part of direct mail marketing is knowing who your audience is and being able to target them with the right message. Building a list to approach your prospective audience is going to be a tedious task. Moreover, it will cost you more time and money than any other task on your list. The best thing to do is to buy direct mailing lists from a reputable email marketing company, who can help you fully understand the buyers’ profile and narrow your leads prospects for the best possible results.


Often marketers ignore the follow-up rule that can actually yield huge profits. Following up with the people on the list can help you yield huge amount of sales in a very short period of time. Even better, you make the direct mail personalized. You could do the same, but instead of using a direct mail, you’ll need a phone call. So, try collecting phone numbers and the permission to call from the people on your list so you can offer them the most personalized service and an easy way for you to get high-quality leads.


When you’re promoting your product, it’s always best to not just list the specifications but also the benefits of using the product. You may also chose to add a testimonial or two to the copy. Hire a good copywriter who will help you create effective promotional copies that would motivate your audience to respond through the call to action and make a purchase.


Now, this is a tried and tested way of executing value-added promotion. Instead of wasting your money on direct mail promotions that don’t urge the recipients to take the action, create a copy that includes discounts, deals or sales. You want to give your audience a truly compelling reason to make a purchase. Such timely offers will not only help you maximize your ROI on the direct mail marketing campaign, but also win loyal customers.


Will your audience respond better if you send a brochure during Christmas? Or, perhaps a greeting card during Easter? Find out what emotions invoke what sentiments on the recipients. It’s imperative that you chose the right medium to deliver the right message at the right time. Doing this in the most professional and creative manner matters most.

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