6 Easy Steps to Create an Email Newsletter Campaign

Most businesses send one email newsletter per month which is considered ideal in the world of email marketing. Informative newsletters can help businesses regularly communicate with their leads and loyal customers and build a strong relationship. Email newsletters ideally carry summaries of recent content that you created.
Below is a six step guide to help you create an attractive and informative email newsletter.
Steps To Create An Email Newsletter Campaign

Pull All Your Content into One Place

Newsletters are the best ways for getting essential information in front of your customers. Make sure you use every bit of such information in the newsletter. If you’re a blogger, pull all your published content into one place and create the newsletter to ensure your loyal readers haven’t missed out on anything during the entire month.

Determine Your Objective

Define your primary objective behind each and every newsletter that you create and send. For example, if you intend to take a survey to know more about your customer’s views on a certain product change or you want to invite all your loyal customers to an upcoming event, make sure your newsletter is drafted with the sole purpose of carrying out your objective.

Design Your Newsletter

Make sure the design and colors you chose for your newsletter don’t grow stale due to repetition. Design it in such a manner that the content is easily located and that your call to action stands out.

Subject Line, Body and Email Content

Use compelling subject line for each newsletter. In fact, you can also go with a more generic subject line which can be easily recognized by your readers. Build up a certain expectation with each email you send and incite them to take specific action. Limit non-informative content in your newsletter.

Your email content should include your businesses social media links, a link that allows readers to browse through your website as a webpage.

Don’t overuse images which can backfire with your email getting blocked by a firewall or being sent to the spam folder.
To adhere to CAN-SPAM Act, include your company address, name and an unsubscribe link in your email.

Test Your Email

To ensure positive results, test a copy of your newsletter to a smaller audience. This will help you determine whether your email is getting caught by spam filters. Once you’re happy with overall result, you can go ahead and blast on a larger audience.

Listen and Improve

The sole purpose of marketing is to build stronger relationship with your customers. You need to respond to your audiences’ queries, questions and or comments gracefully that project the best brand image.

By measuring how your customers respond to the newsletter, you can also improve to ensure maximum click-through rates, ROI, followers on social media the next time you send out an email newsletter.

Experts at FrescoData strongly recommend that if you’re using your own email list, you accomplish the basic data validating and data enhancing before you start working on your email newsletter campaign.

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