Better data can help make email marketing more efficient

Proficient use of big data can help make email marketing campaigns attain a certain level of efficiency, says one prominent industry figure.

Here are a few steps that one should keep in mind to make campaigns more fruitful:

  • Recipients can be put off from opening emails when they keep receiving them consistently. One should avoid digital consistency and schedule emails in a timely manner for better results.
  • With the recent exponential growth seen in data companies, data can be generated every time certain targeted demographics use the web. Such auxiliary data offered in an in-depth business lists is the most vital element today for marketers when it comes to targeting opt-in email marketing campaigns.
  • Most companies today, lack proper technology to capture the freely available business sector data. For marketers to tap into the goldmine called “Big Data”, they must first invest into proper infrastructure that will help them take advantage of it.

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