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cannabis email marketing

As the owner of a cannabis dispensary, your marketing strategies are going to be different from methods used in other industries. While you can use many common forms of online marketing, such as social media and email, there are limitations and restrictions in the cannabis industry that must be followed. Today, we are focusing on cannabis email marketing: the best tips, tools, and tricks to get your message in front of your target demographic using email and newsletters.

Email Marketing Is Still Effective

There is a misconception that email marketing is no longer effective. But the truth is that 61% of adults check their email daily. When used correctly, a well-designed CBD email marketing campaign can build and maintain relationships with customers who are interested in your products.

The trick is to find a cannabis-friendly email service provider. Then, invest time and effort into building out an email marketing campaign that can be used over and over again. You need to sell your products, and email is an excellent tool in your marketing campaign.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Every email is unique, and you need to understand the different types of campaigns to know which method you should be using in your sales funnel. Here are some of the most common types of cannabis email marketing messages you can send:

  • Direct Emails: Sometimes known as an “email blast,” direct emails are one-time messages sent to your entire list. This type of email marketing is a great option if you want to announce a current promotion or send a quick update about what is happening at the dispensary.
  • Transactional Emails: This type of email marketing campaign triggers messages based on the person’s activity on your website. If the customer fills out a form, abandons a shopping cart, completes a purchase, or joins your email list, then the messaging is customized based on the last action. The goal is to ensure you send relevant messaging to each subscriber to improve overall engagement. These transactional emails follow up to provide each customer with more information, hopefully moving them closer to the point where they are ready to purchase.
  • Email Newsletters: An email newsletter is sent periodically to keep people updated about current products, industry news, usage tips, and more. Every effective email marketing campaign has a set schedule for sending newsletters. For example, you might have a schedule to send a newsletter every other week, once a month, or once a quarter. Make sure the newsletters are frequent enough to keep your brand at the top-of-mind.
  • Email Autoresponder: Send each subscriber a series of emails drip-fed over time to build the relationship. Every email marketing software allows you to present specific messaging that is sent automatically when someone registers for your email list, known as an autoresponder or email sequences. This script automates the emails and continues sending information according to your programmed order.

Personalizing Your CBD Email Marketing Campaign

Regardless of the type of email you are sending, it’s always a good idea to personalize the messages as much as possible. Consider these strategies for customizing your cannabis-friendly email list and messages:

  • Name and Location: Email marketing software allows you to add shortcodes that insert personalization into the messages. For example, you might include the person’s name in the subject line and body of the message. Location shortcodes can also be beneficial, especially if most customers buy your products at a local store.
  • List Segmentation: The next thing to consider is how you can segment your email list to dial in messaging for different categories of customers. A successful cannabis email marketing campaign is split into different groups. For example, you might have an email list for customers who prefer pre-rolls and other lists for those who want edibles, vape products, CBD oil, and more.
  • Send Product-Specific Tips: Once you have segmented the list, then you can offer information, tips, and tricks relating to their specific interest. For your vape list, provide details about different types of vapes, available flavors, and more. Or, CBD oil customers might be interested in tips for using these products on their pets, adding to a bath, etc.
  • Use Triggers for Timely Messages: When you send emails based on the customer’s behavior, it personalizes the experience and helps you keep track of where they are in the sales funnel. Personalizing with triggers is an effective way to keep people engaged. It shows them that they are receiving a customized experience and you are in tune with the different stages of their buying path.

The key to success with these personalization strategies is to ensure that you automate the system using quality, reliable email marketing software.

Cannabis Email Marketing Software: Always Ask for Permission

In the United States and other countries around the world, there are laws restricting the way email marketing can be used. You need to be sure that each subscriber gives permission for you to market to them.

Examples of email marketing permission include:

  • A customer who signed up for your newsletter by entering their email address on a form
  • A customer who bought a product and gave permission for future emails
  • A customer who gave their email in person at your dispensary to request information

Never assume that someone wants to be on your email marketing list. Just because you have someone’s email address doesn’t mean that you should enter it into your email marketing software. Instead, it’s critical that you always ask permission first to ensure you are staying within the legal restrictions.

Why You Need a Cannabis-Friendly Email Service Provider (ESP)

The right email service provider makes all the difference in the quality and success of your campaign. Not only do you need reliable email marketing software, but you can avoid disaster by picking a cannabis-friendly email provider to avoid unexpected suspensions, account cancellations, or restrictions.

Since the cannabis industry has unique requirements and regulations, don’t pick an ESP with unclear policies or rules regarding cannabis emails. Instead, look closely at the fine print to understand what is/isn’t allowed. If needed, reach out to the email service provider directly to ask if you are allowed to send cannabis-related content.

Another option is to work with a cannabis marketing agency. Not only does the experienced team understand the best methods for advertising in the CBD and cannabis industry, but they are already familiar with the tools and services that are compatible with your products.

Most Popular Cannabis-Friendly Email Marketing Software

As you are getting started with your cannabis email marketing campaigns, talk to a cannabis marketing agency, then consider these popular tools that are both CBD and cannabis-friendly:

  • Alpine HQ
  • Emurcury
  • Klaviyo
  • Email Octopus
  • Flodesk
  • MailerLite
  • Moosend
  • Hubspot

Avoid These Non-Cannabis-Friendly Email Service Providers

There are certain email service providers you should definitely avoid. These companies either restrict certain forms of cannabis-related media, such as photos. Or, they ban any content related to CBD or cannabis altogether. Some of the companies have vague policies, and it’s difficult to get a straight answer about whether the ESP can be used for cannabis or CBD-related marketing.

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • SendinBlue
  • SendPulse

Cannabis Email Marketing: Part of a Bigger Online Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is effective as a standalone marketing plan. But when you pair it with other traffic generation methods, you can supercharge your results. The idea is that you bring in current or potential customers through traffic generation. Then, when these people reach your website, you capture their email addresses and use email marketing as a way to continue the conversation and build the relationship.

For example, social media, paid advertising, and Search Engine Optimization are all methods that you can use to reach your target demographic. But the likelihood of these people buying immediately is low. Typically, leads need several points of contact before they come to your store or pull out a credit card for an online purchase.

So, cannabis email marketing helps you maximize the value of your website leads because you can build a foundation that keeps customers coming back over and over again. Once they find a product and provider that they like, there is a good chance they will turn into a repeat customer. You can use cannabis and CBD email marketing to keep your brand at the top of mind and build a long-term relationship with customers who are happy with your products.

Pro Strategies from a Cannabis Marketing Agency

Whether launching a new dispensary or looking to grow your current business, partnering with an experienced cannabis marketing agency is key to your success. These strategies can help boost your online traffic and/or increase foot traffic in your local store.

What questions do you have about cannabis email marketing or any other forms of online advertising? At Fresco Data, we are here to help! Our team offers years of experience and cannabis-related knowledge, making it easy for you to tap into these proven systems. Our services are unique because we are a data-driven marketing company, leveraging our own data and prospect list to deliver optimal results for our customers.

Reach out at your convenience to schedule a consultation and learn more about the possibilities for your online marketing campaign.

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