You can either take a thousand courses, observe the best KPIs, and score leads all you want, or set up the right demand generation tools to do the work. 

Demand generation is more involved than it sounds. There is no doubt that several businesses need help to generate demand and create awareness for their products and services. 

In most cases, they may need more marketing budget to spread the word about their brand the way they want. And if they have the marketing resources, it may be hard to figure out what demand generation strategy will yield the best results. 

Using the right tools will help you know what works in your strategy to quickly achieve your demand generation marketing goals. This article will reveal the best tools to enhance your demand generation strategy. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. 

But first, what’s all the buzz around demand generation? 

Why is Demand Generation Essential For Business Growth?

Demand Generation marketing creates awareness and increases demand for products and services using tactics such as SEO, content marketing, automation, analytics, and advertising. 

Demand generation can help you discover high-quality leads, help prospective customers build trust in your business, and increase long-term sales. Contrary to popular opinion, It’s more than just top-of-the-funnel marketing. Demand generation is concerned with every stage of the customer’s journey. 

Most people think of demand generation as a strategy to acquire leads. While identifying high-quality leads is vital to sales and marketing teams, companies should allow demand generation to be more than just that function. 

Demand generation is a holistic marketing strategy that helps create awareness about a product, identify customer’s pain points, and position as a solution provider. It’s one of the most affordable ways of generating leads because most people can decide to buy simply by interacting with your content. 

Research shows that over 62% of B2B purchase decisions are made even before speaking to the rep. 

It’s easy to confuse demand generation with lead generation because they share several similarities. The argument for which is better is flawed. Although both strategies differ, they are both essential to achieving marketing goals. Lead generation is the natural outcome of demand generation, not a rival. 

Now you know what demand generation is. Let’s look at the top 8 tools your demand generation team must use to improve their strategy.  

Top 8 Demand Generation Tools You Need For Your Business

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a fantastic demand gen tool that gives users access to an extensive network both in and out of their industry. It allows you to check people who view your profile, connect with them, and send messages to their inMail. But it doesn’t end there. 


This tool helps you to prioritize leads in your sales funnel and engage with prospective customers. You can also automatically save 10,000 leads and accounts to your CRM. The advanced plan helps you to package content, provides a central billing system for contracts tied to LinkedIn corporate sales, and offers access to expert enterprise tools. 

Sales Navigator tool has Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus Plans. 

2. Ortto (previously known as Autopilot)

If you want to enhance your lead nurturing and scoring tactics, you need Ortto. You can never stop nurturing leads; even after they convert to paying customers, you still need to retain them strategically. 


Ortto is a marketing automation software that helps you:  

– discover the right audience

– monitor customized buyer journeys via different platforms 

– converts visitors to leads through surveys, forms, and pop-ups

 -send customized email campaigns that offer unique experiences to customers

centralize all customer data

And so much more. 

Plus, it has a fantastic lead scoring feature that helps you target customers that check your pricing page! The professional plan is $99 per month, while the business plan is $250 per month.  

3. Integrate

Integrate is one precision demand marketing tool you can’t afford to miss in your business. 


As the name implies, this tool is a centralized cloud platform that integrates every component needed to generate demand: your social media platforms, media channels, data and technology providers, etc. Its analytics and CRM systems help to increase brand visibility and organize your workflow. 

For instance, this tool can integrate your virtual meetings, webinars, and other events. It becomes super easy to interact with prospects in real time and clean up all the lead data that may arise from these virtual events. 

4. Page Optimizer Pro

Do you want to boost your SEO results? Then, you should utilize Page Optimizer Pro. 


This demand generation tool is your all-in-one on-page SEO solution. Page optimizer pro helps demand gen marketers to create excellently optimized pages that Google can easily rank. A properly SEO-optimized website is more inclined to receive organic traffic.

B2B brands that publish content online, especially on their blogs, should use this tool if they want their content to rank faster. It offers premium features such as recommending exact keywords, variation words, LSI terms, focus competitors, improving automatic competitor search, and content editing. 

Page Optimizer Pro has three plans: Basic ($22 per month), Premium ($33 per month), and Limited ($44 per month).  

5. RiteKit

If you want to leave a solid digital footprint, Ritekit’s got you covered. This premium demand generation tool helps you to take your social media game to the next level. Even if you already use a social media management platform, you can use RiteKit alongside. 


Anyone that lives off social media can use this tool, not just B2B marketers. 

Ritekit is a powerful combination of RiteBoost, RiteForge,, and RiteTag. You can create and schedule posts, enhance posts in other social media management platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer, get highly recommended hashtags, and create customizable links and powerful calls-to-action. 

Plans start at $54 per month. 

6. PipeDrive

Do you need an excellent CRM tool? Pipedrive is for you.


Pipedrive is a premium tool that helps demand generation teams increase sales and maintain customer relationships. It’s a marketing and sales automation software that provides three essential services for its customers- automating sales, creating personalized emails to targeted audiences, and integrating over 250 services and tools to your Pipedrive platform. 

Pipedrive is one of many CRM tools, but it stands tall amongst its competitors. It’s super easy to use, extremely flexible, and easily customizable. It unites your sales and marketing data, so you know what you’re working with. 

Pipedrive has four plans: Essential ($9.90 per month), Advanced ($19.90 per month), Professional ($39.90 per month), and Enterprise ($59.90 per month)


7. Zapier

Are you looking for the best automation software? Zapier’s got you. 


Imagine handling 10 to 15 different software by yourself. It can get pretty overwhelming, which is why Zapier is one great automation software that demand generation marketers must take advantage of. 

It allows you to connect different apps and software, which helps you achieve your marketing goals without stress. It unites all your apps so that the work progresses as it should without manual interference. 

Zapier works by creating zaps- choose an app, then select a trigger and an action that results when that trigger is activated. The free plan allows up to 100 tasks per month, but they have paid plans such as Starter, Professional, Team, and Company. 

8. Hotjar

No B2B or B2C marketer can’t benefit from Hotjar. Most people only classify Hotjar as an analytics tool, but that’s just a taste of what this tool can do. 


Hotjar is an insights tool that offers feedback and analytical data to help marketers accurately understand and predict their customers better. Its most prominent feature is the heat map, which allows you to analyze your website and identify spots your leads roam along but never click on. 

For instance, did you post a product demo your website visitors didn’t click on? Maybe they aren’t so interested in that. Hotjar helps you know which product or service gets the most traction, thereby enhancing customer experience.

How Does FrescoData Stands Tall with its Demand Generation Tools?

You can only optimize your demand generation strategy using the right tools. Here are some tools FrescoData uses to achieve marketing tools: 

Analytics and Automation 

Marketing automation and analytics are critical elements of a successful demand generation campaign. Once you don’t get them right, your strategy won’t work out as it should. 

FrescoData has an extensive database of consumer information, so they segment data in such a way that helps the company reach its target audience faster. They have excellent automation software that helps your omnichannel marketing strategy to succeed. 

Geofencing Mobile Marketing

This demand gen tool helps companies segment data by limiting the target search to geographical locations. It allows you to generate high-quality leads from local SEO. 

Geofencing mobile marketing is a cost-effective tool that boosts targeting and improves customer engagement.

Superb Content

Content is the cornerstone of any demand generation strategy, regardless of the industry or marketing goal. Delivering data-driven, dynamic content that suits the specific needs of your target audience shown through the right media will produce better results than throwing words around in an ad. 

Programmatic display ads

There is no doubt that demand generation is expensive. Your marketing budget may give you a different reach than you desire. Programmatic display ads effectively reach your target audience without breaking the bank. 

Let FrescoData Handle Your Demand Generation Strategy

Demand generation is not a walk in the park. You need expertise and tools to execute a demand generation strategy successfully. But you don’t have to do all the work yourself. 

FrescoData has the best demand generation tools to enhance brand visibility, generate high-quality leads, and increase sales for your business. 

Contact FrescoData today and let us solve your demand generation needs.

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