Top 8 Demand Generation Tools To Improve Your Strategy


It’s not enough to take a thousand courses or score leads. You must set up appropriate tools to do the work. 

There is no denying that enterprises require assistance to raise awareness for their deals and offers. However, demand generation is more complex than it appears. 

These enterprises usually need more resources to spread the word and create a unique brand identity. Even if they have the resources, they may not know what tools or tactics can enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Utilizing appropriate Demand Generation tools will help you to know what works in your plan and help you accomplish your goals faster. We’ll examine the best tools to enhance your techniques. We’ve done the labour-intensive work, so you don’t have to.  

But first, what is this tactic?

Why is this Tactic Vital For Establishments and Enterprises?

This tactic boosts awareness and spreads the word about their deals and offers using SEO, analytical, content marketing, automation, and advertising.

It enables enterprises to discover leads, boost long-term sales, and build trust for prospective clients. Contrary to what many believe, it’s more than TOFU marketing. This tactic works throughout the funnel and at every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

Furthermore, individuals believe that this tactic simply acquires lead. While it’s a significant accomplishment, this tactic is more than that. It’s a holistic technique that enables enterprises to raise awareness about products, identify clients’ needs and preferences, and place themselves as solution provider. 

It’s a cost-effective way to obtain leads because individuals can choose to patronize you by engaging with your content. Based on research, people make about 62% of B2B purchase decisions without even talking to a sales representative.

It’s easy to interchange both tactics because they have numerous similarities. The case for which is superior is weak. Notwithstanding their differences, both tactics are crucial for attaining your overall objectives. Demand generation naturally leads to lead generation, not the other way around.

Consider these top 8 tools your team needs to improve their performance.

Top 8 Demand Generation Tools You Need For Your Business

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This tool gives users access to an extensive network in and out of their sector or industry. It enables people to check people, interact with them, view their profiles, and send inMail messages. But that’s not all. 


This tool lets you prioritize the leads in your sales funnel and interact with prospective clients. Moreover, 10,000 leads and accounts can be automatically saved to your CRM. 

The advanced subscription gives you access to specialized enterprise tools, a consolidated invoicing system for contracts linked to LinkedIn corporate sales, and aids in content packaging.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool has Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus plans.

2. Ortto (previously known as Autopilot)

Ortto is your go-to if you want to boost your lead scoring and nurturing techniques. Lead nurturing is a continuous process; even after a lead becomes a paying client, you must continue to maintain them strategically.


This marketing automation software enables enterprises to: 

  • find the intended market
  • track customized client journeys via numerous platforms
  • sends tailored campaigns that offer individuals unique experiences 
  • transforms visitors into leads with surveys, forms, and pop-ups 
  • Center customer data

And more.

Also, it features a wonderful lead-scoring tool that enables you to target visitors to your price page! The monthly cost of the professional plan is $99, while the monthly cost of the business plan is $250.

3. Integrate

You can’t afford to miss Integrate in your enterprise, agency, or establishment. 


As suggested by its name, this tool is a centralized cloud platform that unifies all the elements required to raise awareness, including your social media platforms, media outlets, data, technology suppliers, etc. Its analytics and CRM technologies aid in streamlining your workflow and boosting your brand presence.

This application, for instance, can combine your online conferences, webinars, and other events. Real-time interaction with prospects and lead data cleanup becomes incredibly simple because of these virtual events.

4. Page Optimizer Pro

Do you want to improve your SEO performance? Page Optimizer Pro is the tool you need. 


This tool is your one-stop shop for on-page SEO. It enables individuals and organizations to develop wonderfully optimized pages that Google can easily rank.  An appropriately SEO-optimised website is more likely to obtain organic traffic.

If B2B businesses want their content to rank more quickly, they should utilize this tool when publishing material online, especially on their blogs. It includes premium features, content editing, and recommendations for exact keywords and variant phrases.

There are three options available for this tool: Basic ($22/month), Premium ($33/month), and Limited ($44/month).

5. RiteKit

Ritekit has you covered if you want to leave a strong digital footprint. This premium tool can take your social media game to the next level. It can be used in conjunction with any social media management tool you may already be using.


Contrary to what many believe, this tool isn’t just reserved for those in the B2B space. If you live off social media, you need this tool. 

RiteBoost, RiteForge,, and RiteTag work well together as Ritekit. You can create and schedule posts, edit them in other social media management tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, find highly suggested hashtags, and make compelling calls to action with customisable links.

The monthly minimum is $54.

6. PipeDrive

Do you require an outstanding CRM tool? Use Pipedrive.


Pipedrive is a premium tool that aids teams in boosting sales and preserving client connections. It is a marketing and sales automation solution that offers its users three crucial functions: automating sales, producing tailored emails for the intended market, and connecting over 250 services and resources to the Pipedrive platform.

Although there are numerous CRM solutions, Pipedrive stands out from the crowd. It is really simple to use, versatile, and adaptable. You can see real-time actionable insights since it combines your sales and marketing data.

Four pricing tiers are available for this tool: Essential ($9.90/month), Advanced ($19.90/month), Professional ($39.90/month), and Enterprise ($59.90/month).

7. Zapier

Are you looking for excellent automation software? Zapier’s got you covered. 


Just picture yourself managing 10 to 15 software. It can be exhausting. Therefore, utilizing remarkable automation technologies like Zapier is necessary if you don’t want to burn out. 

It enables you to connect several programs and apps, which eases the burden and helps you achieve your desired outcomes. It integrates all of your apps so that work moves along as it should without interruption from you.

Zapier works by creating zaps- users can choose an app, a trigger, and an action that will occur when the trigger is activated. Premium options include Starter, Professional, Team, and Business, but the free plan only permits 100 tasks each month.

8. Hotjar

No advertiser, whether B2B or B2C, cannot profit from Hotjar. Most people primarily think of Hotjar as an analytics tool, but it can do much more than that.


Hotjar is an insights tool that enables establishments and enterprises better understand and anticipate their clients by providing feedback and analytical data. Its most noticeable feature is the heat map, which lets you study your site and find areas where leads browse but don’t click. 

Do you remember, for instance, when you posted a product demo, but nobody clicked on it? They might not be too interested in that. Hotjar improves client experience by letting you know which feature is more popular.

How Do FrescoData’s Tools Stand Out?

Optimizing your technique is only possible when you utilize appropriate tools. Here are some tools that FrescoData employs:

Analytics and Automation 

An efficacious marketing plan must include marketing automation and analytics.  It  won’t be as effective if you don’t get these correctly.

FrescoData offers a vast collection of consumer data, and by categorizing the data, they make it easier for enterprises to contact their intended market quickly. 

Geofencing Mobile Marketing

This tool aids businesses in data segmentation by concentrating the search on certain geographical regions. It enables you to produce top-notch leads from local SEO.

Geofencing mobile marketing is a low-cost solution that enhances targeting and raises client engagement is mobile geofencing marketing.

Excellent Content

Regardless of the sector or marketing objective, content is the cornerstone of most marketing plans. If you deliver dynamic, data-driven content tailored to the demands of the intended market and distributed through the appropriate channels, you will achieve excellent outcomes. 

Programmatic display ads

Demand generation is unquestionably expensive. Depending on your budget, you can obtain a different reach from what you want. Programmatic display ads enable you to reach the intended market without spending a fortune. 

Let FrescoData Help You

This tactic is not as easy as it seems. You need knowledge and appropriate tools to implement such a plan properly. The good news is you don’t have to do the job alone. 

FrescoData has the best solutions to improve brand recognition, provide top-notch leads, and boost revenue.Call FrescoData right away for assistance, and we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

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