The Ins and Outs of Mailing List Rentals


Why should your company consider renting an email mailing list? There are a variety of reasons. Email marketing is one of the most lucrative digital marketing channels, offering higher ROI than SEO, social media, and paid ads. Email marketing can benefit any company, and help it grow significantly. In this blog post, we will discuss the 4 reasons renting an email list may be a good option for your business.


Email Mailing List Rentals


What is a Mailing List Rental?


Renting an email mailing list means paying a third party an agreed amount to use their contact list for a certain amount of email blast. You do not ever have access to the data; therefore, you do not ever get to see the names or addresses on the email list you rented. When you rent an email list, the company you rented the list from will send emails on your behalf. 


When renting an email list, this is the usual process that takes place:


  1. You will discuss with the email list provider to determine how many recipients you want to send an email blast to
  2. You will determine dates and times for the email list provider to send your campaigns
  3. Most likely, you will develop an email template with design and copy for the owner to send out and send it to them once it is complete
    1. Keep in mind, some email list providers, like FrescoData, provide email design and content development services
  4. Tests will be performed to ensure the emails you are sending do not get sent to contacts from your personal Do-Not-Email list
  5. The email list provider will send your emails at the agreed upon dates and times


How does this Different from Buying an Email List?


When you purchase an email mailing list, you are given the data you purchase. Usually you will discuss with a list broker the target market you are trying to reach, and they will customize a list for you based on the demographic and geographic information you have provided them. Once you receive the list, you have access to the names, email addresses and any other information on the list.


2 Reasons to Rent an Email List


  1. Receive Higher Deliverability


List renting can be a more viable option than list buying for one simple reason, the email broker is responsible for sending out the campaigns. Email list providers with integrity, like FrescoData, follow email marketing best practices to ensure they reach their targets. This means they can reach more targets effectively than your own team could because they are extremely knowledgeable about email marketing. From following regional spam laws to optimizing your email list prior to sending, most email list providers have a team of experts that are dedicated to sending high quality campaigns for their clients that land in recipients inboxes. FrescoData specifically can send emails with a 95% email deliverability rate guarantee for its clients.


2.Reach the Right New Targets


Your company may have been looking for opportunities to reach new clients. This process can be simplified with an email list rental. By working with an email list provider, they can take their large email databases and start to segment it. As they segment it, they will work to create a list that specifically meets the needs of your company. When your company begins outreach to these new contacts, the recipients will be the right targets for your company. This will increase the likelihood of success for your email campaigns.


Ensuring the Success with your Email List Rental


  1. Create a Positive First Impression


You can rent an email list from a variety of email marketing companies. When you rent an email list, your company is blasted to a targeted audience at a high deliverability rate. This makes it extremely likely that these new contacts will see your email in their inbox. While a lot of the success for your email campaigns through an email list rental is dependent on the list provider, your company must still work diligently to boost the campaigns as well. Your team must ensure that it is properly introduced to the email list rental and speak directly to these new contacts. This will help these new contacts positively interact with your brand, and keep your emails away from being marked as spam.


       2. Increase Revenue with the Right Offer


Your company can build its revenue by creating a compelling introductory for your new customers. This will give them an opportunity to try your products and services with little investment on their part. A low risk offer allows users to engage with your brand and build further trust with your company. Delivering an exceptional product or service to this targeted segment can have the positive effect of creating loyal customers for your business who regularly purchase products or services from you.




Email is a powerful digital marketing tool for your company.


When choosing an email list provider, choose one that provides data relevant to your niche. This will ensure that the content you send these contacts is something they will be interested in. Make sure that the mailing list you are being rented is up-to-date as well, as this will have an effect on your deliverability rates and chances as getting marked as spam.


At the end of the day, you want to have confidence in the email list you are rented. You want to feel like the email list provider you are renting from is trustworthy. These are two things you can always expect when working with email marketing companies like FrescoData for email list rentals. Expect a positive email list rental experience by working with FrescoData to meet your email marketing campaign needs.




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