Double Opt-In for the Best Email Marketing

Double opt-in is a term often used in correlation with your email list. It is used to describe the practice of having people confirm their subscription to your email list twice. This process is important to ensure your emails do not get marked as spam and to maintain compliance with global laws, like GDPR. It is an important process to develop the best email marketing strategy possible.

During double opt-in procedures, people confirm their subscription at two points. The first is when the user submits their information in a web-based form. For example, if you want to join the FrescoData newsletter list, you will be prompted to share your name and email to request to join the newsletter on a form found directly on our website. This is the first opt-in. From there, you will receive an email that asks you to confirm that you requested to sign up for this newsletter list. Once you have clicked on the link to confirm, you are signed up to the newsletter. This is the second opt-in.

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Double Opt-in for Email Marketing List

Double opt-in also ensures that you retain the quality of your email list. The whole point of an email list is to attract people to sign up who are potential prospects for your products and services. Their request for information signifies this is true. If you use a single opt-in strategy for building your email list, this can affect the quality of your email leads. It can also reduce the effectiveness of your sales team, who has a less reliable list of contacts to reach out to and start conversations with. For the best email marketing it is critical to maintain the quality of your email list. This process is especially important since email ROI is higher than ROI from other digital channels.

Improve Email Deliverability

A double opt-in process will help you improve your email deliverability. It will do this by creating an email list that does not contain any hard bounces since contacts are required to verify their addresses. Hard bounces occur when emails are sent to accounts that are no longer active. This makes double opt-in is critical; it minimizes the sign up of inactive emails on your list. Double opt-in also ensures that your email recipients really want to receive your emails. This means they will likely engage more with your campaigns and are less likely to unsubscribe from your correspondence. All of this affects email deliverability in a positive way and is a part of the best email marketing strategy.

Reduce Spam Complaints

Double opt-in is not mandatory everywhere in the world, but to remain compliant with many important global consumer privacy and spam laws, it is important to develop a double opt-in email capture strategy. The double opt-in confirms that the person who entered the email is actually the person that wants to subscribe to the lest. Without an extra confirmation, anyone could sign up other people to email lists. This can lead to an increase in spam complaints, which can be a problem for your business.

Regardless of how you gather your email list, all email list owners receive spam complaints and have users unsubscribe. That is just a natural part of email marketing. People do not like spam. If they do not remember how they signed up for your list or do not know how to unsubscribe, they are likely to mark your emails as spam.

Using a double opt-in can help reduce spam complaints because people must confirm twice that they want to be on the list. This makes it more likely for them to remember signing up for your email correspondence. Reducing the amount of spam complaints you get is important because it can affect your email reputation and lead to blacklisting. This has huge negative repercussions for your brand.

Maintain Compliance

Furthermore, double opt-in is required under the mandates of GDPR. If you are interested in selling or promoting your products or services in the EU, then following GDPR is essential for your business. Plus, the regulation applies to anyone who lives within the confines of the EU as well, not just EU citizens. If your company fails to adhere to GDPR, you risk high fines—up to 4% of your total global revenue in some cases—that can cripple or completely ruin your business.

Conclusion :

If you are looking to develop the best email marketing strategy, a good place to start is by building a double opt-in process for your company. It can play a significant role in the success of your marketing strategy and overall email ROI. With double opt-in, you can build an email list that consists of more targeted and engaged followers. This will make it easier for your team to build trust with your audience and convert them into paying customers.

If you are unsure how to build a double opt-in email process on your own, feel free to contact the experts at FrescoData for more assistance.

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