How to Create Engaging Email Content

Create Engaging Email Content

Email marketing certainly isn’t the best inbound strategy in the world of marketing. However, when integrated with engaging content, it can prove to be the best inbound channel for internet marketing. Most businesses today have only one goal in mind, to deliver top notch content and gain more subscribers. Keeping that in mind, we bring to you an in-depth preview on how to create engaging email content.

Engaging Email Content

Content relevancy is everything. When it comes to email marketing, it all boils down to creating content that your audience appreciates and trusts you enough to continue to do business with you. When you create content for an email marketing campaign, you want it to carry your brand’s personality, and convey you value proposition in a compelling way. Your customers don’t know your brand or service, so you want to educate them about it and pitch a promise of fulfilling their needs at the same time.

In the email campaigns, you can include information from your website, highlights from annual reports, or even use executive quotes and increase transparency to your customers. The most ideal approach is to start with a truly strong piece of content and work out from that point until you fill your email with rich content that provides value from different angles.

One can also include user-generated content such as pictures, videos, or any kind of content shared on social media platforms. An email campaign containing user-generated content is the best way you can directly talk to your customers about your product or service. Placing user-generated content not just shows transparency but also how much you care about what your customers have to say.

Great stories from your employees is another great way of adding simple, yet conversational tone to your emails. Include sweet stories of daily employee-client interactions in your email, followed by a Call-to-Action.
There can be times when creating compelling content within limited time and resources can be a hassle. In such cases, your email content should contain Q&A that answer the problems/queries that have regarding to your product or service.

Once you’re done with picking the kind the content you want for each emails, you can move on to the next bit, which is creating an email campaigns calendar. Different companies have their own different email campaign cycles. If you don’t have any, you can always start by creating a list of upcoming events or big news stories related to your company. It may seem like a silly idea, but it has proven to pay off to those who have risked catching their audience’s attention on emails that contain events and news in a conversational yet promotional tone.

Lastly, you’re missing out on a lot if you do not make use of data (customer behavioral data, buying habits, etc.) to create engaging email content. Marketers today want to learn more and more about customers to create marketing campaigns that overwhelm their customers into buying their products or services. A huge chunk of ‘learning more and more’ comes from data which can help them create content based on their interests. We say, make the best use of data available to you!

Looking for more resources to create engaging email content? Read FrescoData’s tips on how to improve holiday email marketing income using engaging content.


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